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Thinking of a New Schedule

Well, it’s been a while but it IS that time of year where things go crazy! I hope y’all had lovely Thanksgivings and are enjoying the start of the holiday season!

For a while I’ve been in a regular routine:
Zumba on Monday evenings (with the occasional Monday morning Spin)
PT on Tuesday evenings
Spin on Wednesday evenings
Spin and PT on Friday mornings

Well, folks, that’s all about to change and it’s freaking me out but kind of exciting me. See, my office is moving to a land far, far away in less than 2 weeks. Ok, not really far, far away but it will increase my commute quite a bit and make it hard for me to get to certain classes in the gym with a new work schedule I’ll be starting. I’m keeping my PT times and Friday morning Spin but I don’t know what I’m doing about Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays yet. I believe I’ll be going to Spin on Monday mornings but attendance is so low there lately, it wouldn’t surprise me if that class was canceled. I thought I’d keep up Spin on Wednesday nights but that will require a lot of back and forth driving later in the day and I have to be up early on Thursdays. Add to this that I will start my half marathon training after the first of the year and I’ll have to give up some classes so I can make sure I’m getting my runs in. So….I’m planning to use the second half of December to play with my schedule and see how things work out. I’m nervous because I’ve been great about getting to my gym and it keeps me accountable (I’m not a good solo worker outer anymore). But I’m kind of excited because lately, going to the gym has seemed harder and I think that’s a sign I need a new routine to renew my excitement and passion for working out. I also think it may contribute to breaking through my weight loss plateau.

Stay tuned!

Monday Thoughts

I woke up early this morning to get to the gym for a 5:30a Spin class. Monday mornings are so much harder than Friday mornings even though I go to bed about the same time. But I was up and at ’em in the dark and the cold. Tonight I’ll head back to the gym for PT and Zumba. This morning as I was getting ready for work I started thinking about my office’s upcoming move to Rockville. If you don’t know, that move is going to increase my commute from 15 minutes (with no traffic) to about 40 minutes (with no traffic). That’s not too bad in the mornings but the afternoons? There’s always traffic. So it’ll likely be a hour to get home. Fortunately, my guy lives 5 minutes from my new office. And actually, I could probably walk to it in 10 minutes. But…my gym and my trainer are staying put. So…I’ve got to start making some schedule changes. Currently, I’m at the gym 2 mornings a week between 5:30a to 6:30 or 7a and 3 nights a week with my times ranging from 5:30p to 8:15p (not that whole time every night). So…if I’m going to be working 40 minutes or more from my gym, I need to change something. I believe I’m changing my work hours a bit but not every day. I think the one thing I’ve decided is that my Zumba class is going to have to go. I love Spin more than Zumba and I get a better workout. Plus, if I’m going to be meeting my trainer at 5:30p on Tuesdays still, I’m going to have to leave work earlier on Tuesdays, which means an earlier start, which means I don’t want to be at the gym until 7p and have no evening time before bed. I haven’t figured the rest of my week out yet but I’m going to try to do that this week and come to terms with the fact that my cozy little HoCo life is changing. See…in 6 months, I’m moving out of my current apartment and more than likely, I’m moving out of HoCo, which means I’m going to be leaving my gym and my trainer. I think I’lll stick with both as long as I can because well…I have a half marathon in six months and I’m going to need that for training. So…a lot is tumbling around in my brain this morning but it’ll all work itself out…I just gotta keep my eye on all the good the future will bring me.

fall apart

Mental Block or Mental Crackdown?

I’m studying for a professional certification for my job. It’s an intense experience and rather difficult, particularly for someone who hasn’t studied in over 7 years. The plan was for me to take a mock-exam this morning but yesterday I decided there was no way I was ready. Well, this morning I woke up and decided I would take it but I would use a cheat sheet of things I should know by the test…just like I did in the course I took a few weeks ago. Well, I took the test and didn’t perform as well as I wanted (but better than I thought I would as I was taking the test). The good news is I discovered a lot of areas I need to work on in my studying. So I’m bummed out by the amount of work ahead of me but I feel more focused.

Well, I had a few hours before needing to get ready for my plans later this afternoon. So I decided, why not go for a run? Well, I laced up my shoes and out I go. I got shin splints FAST. I realized I’d be walking more than running but my head got in control and I started feeling down about the test, I started feeling down that I couldn’t run, I started getting in my head about every little thing I get bothered by about myself. So instead of pushing through, I turned around and came home. This, of course, made me feel worst initially but I eventually worked it out in my head that maybe it was my head saying, “Take a break.” Maybe it wasn’t and it’s just me justifying giving up but I do believe sometimes our heads say, “That’s enough. Give up now and start fresh later.” I also believe that sometimes you have to push through the pain, through the hurt, through the frustration, through the negative talk. Regardless of what I was supposed to do today, I gave up. The only way I can be ok with that decision is to not let it result in a downward spiral of beating myself up for giving up. Otherwise, it truly is giving up and not just taking a break.

What do you do when your head gets the best of you? Push through or give in?

It’s my birthday month!

Welcome to August 1, the start of my birthday month! My birthday is August 7 so I say it starts August 1 and I feel like that’s close enough. But I like to drag it out, too, because, um…hello, I’m worth more than a day anyway.

I woke up happy, despite the rain, this morning. But it wasn’t long after being at work that my little workgroup got some unfortunate news and it sent me spiraling into despair and feeling the stress that has been work for a couple of weeks now. All I want to do is cry. And hug my fella. I totally failed at lunch with eating as in, I didn’t go get food and snacked out of my drawer (BAD IDEA). But I’m trying to buck up because I have to since I’m a professional and all and I have to interact and lead a meeting later this afternoon. I’m looking forward to a workout this evening and I’m so happy that my fella has agreed to come see me tonight so I can hug him. And I’ll eat something healthy tonight instead of letting my pity party continue. So August 2 should start better. I’ll wake up next to my favorite person, I’ll go to spin, I will have a fantastic training session, and I WILL have a good day at work tomorrow. Then it’ll be time to weekend party. Ain’t no party like a low-key weekend party!

It’s OK Thursday

I’m linking up again! Go check out It’s Ok Thursday from Brunch with Amber and A Complete Waste of Make-Up and link up, too!

Its Ok Thursdays

It’s OK….

…to plan your outfits around new jewelry.

…to throw a mini-fit in front of your closet when you have to go back to work after a long weekend.

…to be excited to make quesadillas and cupcakes for those you love to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

…to enjoy spending an evening doing nothing but reading magazines.

…to look forward to reorganizing your apartment to create better storage situations.

…to love seeing family you haven’t seen in over 20 years and seeing how your family looks so much alike.

…to love coming home to surprises from the one you love after a particularly rough day.

What’s ok with you? Link up!

It’s OK Thursday – A First

Normally I don’t do link-ups but I thought I would do a link-up for It’s Ok Thursday from Brunch with Amber.

Its Ok Thursdays

It’s OK….

 …to want to call in sick when you walk outside and find it sprinkling rain.

…to have someone pick up a bulk pack of roasted seasoned seaweed snacks because you’ve become addicted.

 …to have been patiently waiting on the weekend to get here since Tuesday and be barely able to contain yourself now that it’s Thursday.

…to set a somewhat high limit for how much you’re allowed to spend at an upcoming Clever Container! party.

…to bake cookies a third weekend in a row.

…to continue personal training for the fifth month and love it more each time.

…to be really excited to go see family next weekend but already look forward to getting back home to hug the one you love.

…to look forward to a date night in tomorrow.

…to love watching your friends fall and be in love, especially because you can share in being bit by the love bug.

What’s ok with you? Link up!

Busy little elf

What a day! I had a full day of work followed by leading a hour long Boot Camp, hitting the grocery store, coming home to start on the holiday baking, and wrapping presents. I thought I’d have it in me to start on my holiday cards, but I don’t. Not after making 4 pans of these:

Pretzel Hugs

In case you’re wondering, that’s about 3 and a half bags of Hershey Hugs, which is about 400 pretzel sandwiches. That’s a lot of laying out flat even pretzels and hug unwrapping.

So after wrapping some presents I decided instead of starting my holiday cards, I’d make my list of other baked goods to make and get my grocery list started. I’m going to be doing a lot of baking on Wednesday and Thursday night. The baked good boxes are going to work on Friday so I’ll be a busy little elf this week. Unfortunately, I can’t take off from my real job to do all this. In fact, my real job is extremely busy and I’m working more hours than normal. That’s part of why I haven’t been a very good blogger as of late. The other part is well, when I do have free time, I just want to have free time, you know?

Are you baking this holiday season? What are you baking? I’ve got some biscotti, some different cookies, and some sort of fudge/candy up my sleeve.

Not too busy, I guess

I intended to write a post about how busy I am and how I’m not sticking to my normal routine. See, this is one of our busiest times at work. We’re churning out reports like machines, except that we have to put thought into them. Top that with all the work related holiday gatherings, personal holiday get togethers, holiday things such as shopping, wrapping, and card writing and life gets busy. Sometimes too busy for a workout or a good meal or even baking, which is often my only sanity saver. Well, I went online to find some cute “I’m too busy” picture and this saying popped up,

What fits your busy schedule better, excercising one hour a day or being dead 24 hours a day?

Well, when you put it that way…I’m just an excuse maker. Of course, I have one hour a day or at least 30 minutes a day! I just choose to ignore it or fill it with what I think will make me feel better, relaxing on the couch, surfing the net, reading. Sure, those are better options some days because some days you need that more than pushing your body but most days I need that work out or that home cooked healthy meal more.

So I need to sit down with my calendar and schedule in my workouts so I’m less likely to miss them and I think I need to add a “Do it for you!” next to it. I deserve it.



Seven Year Itch

I’ve been in Chicago since Wednesday night. I got back in town just before lunch today and I have to say, I’m glad. I was so confused as to what day it was and what time of day it was the entire time I was gone. My schedule was completely thrown off, even for a work trip. I was conducting focus groups at 7:30am on Friday morning, which was a first for me. I’ve never conducted a group that early but it worked, even though I was exhausted last night.

In between groups yesterday I was looking out the window at the gorgeous Chicago buildings and saw what looked to be a large Marilyn Monroe statue down below. I talked to our knowledgeable AV guy and sure enough, that’s what I saw. So when we were done for the day I wandered down to get a closer look.

This statue of Marilyn Monroe in her iconic pose from Seven Year Itch was 26 feet tall. Yeah. It was a little overwhelming. And yes, Marilyn had her toes painted and she was wearing underwear. One guy was having his picture taken with her and yelled to his group, “I don’t want any underwear in my picture!” I cracked up.

After that sight I decided to stroll down Michigan Ave. and window shop and enjoy the not so cold afternoon. Even though I’m not ready to decorate my house for Christmas, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that seeing the window displays and beginnings of Christmas decorations coming out didn’t get me in the holiday spirit. Y’all, I’m ready to go on Thanksgiving vacation to see my family and I’m ready to start Christmas shopping and doing other holiday themed things. Anyone else getting there, too?

While Chicago was beautiful on Friday, there was some snow on Thursday. Just a little.

It’s hard to see, but trust me, it was coming down for real.

Off to watch my Clemson Tigers!

Cupcakes and PowerPoints

My sleep last night was interrupted and my dreams were consumed by cupcake recipes and PowerPoint tips and tricks. Unfortunately, I’m not making a PowerPoint on cupcakes. That would be awesome though.

I’ve been making PowerPoint presentations and reports all week at work and I know my work life will contain a lot of that over the next few months. We’re entering our busy reporting phase at work so it’s time to have Microsoft Office consume me and likely make me batty when it inevitably crashes.

I’ve recently been commissioned to bake cupcakes for 3 separate people plus I’m likely baking cupcakes tonight for a co-workers birthday. I want to experiment a little tonight and for one of the events I’m thinking of possibilities before picking one.

So between PowerPoint and cupcakes, I kept waking up. At least one of those things is fun? Well, ok, cupcakes are not as fun at midnight if I’ve been asleep for a while already.

So let’s hope tonight I’ll have new cupcakes to share with you!