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Thinking of a New Schedule

Well, it’s been a while but it IS that time of year where things go crazy! I hope y’all had lovely Thanksgivings and are enjoying the start of the holiday season!

For a while I’ve been in a regular routine:
Zumba on Monday evenings (with the occasional Monday morning Spin)
PT on Tuesday evenings
Spin on Wednesday evenings
Spin and PT on Friday mornings

Well, folks, that’s all about to change and it’s freaking me out but kind of exciting me. See, my office is moving to a land far, far away in less than 2 weeks. Ok, not really far, far away but it will increase my commute quite a bit and make it hard for me to get to certain classes in the gym with a new work schedule I’ll be starting. I’m keeping my PT times and Friday morning Spin but I don’t know what I’m doing about Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays yet. I believe I’ll be going to Spin on Monday mornings but attendance is so low there lately, it wouldn’t surprise me if that class was canceled. I thought I’d keep up Spin on Wednesday nights but that will require a lot of back and forth driving later in the day and I have to be up early on Thursdays. Add to this that I will start my half marathon training after the first of the year and I’ll have to give up some classes so I can make sure I’m getting my runs in. So….I’m planning to use the second half of December to play with my schedule and see how things work out. I’m nervous because I’ve been great about getting to my gym and it keeps me accountable (I’m not a good solo worker outer anymore). But I’m kind of excited because lately, going to the gym has seemed harder and I think that’s a sign I need a new routine to renew my excitement and passion for working out. I also think it may contribute to breaking through my weight loss plateau.

Stay tuned!


Friday is Fabulous Because…

I don’t know about y’all but I’m extra glad that it’s Friday. This week has just been long. I’m taking my PMP exam next Wednesday so I’ve been studying extra hard this week. I’m just ready for it to be over now. I’m taking off Tuesday to study a bit and just relax my brain then Wednesday morning I’ll probably be a nervous wreck until noon when it’s time to take the exam. So today I’m telling you that Friday is fabulous because:

1. I started the day with an extra powerful “push/pull” series in my training session right after a seriously heart pumping Spin class. 

2. The fella and I are headed to Amish country tomorrow for the day. I can’t wait to get away and and enjoy some special time with my favorite person! (He’s also pretty damn fabulous himself.)

3. This Friday is fabulous because in 2 weeks at this time we will be hanging with my family for 4 days in North Carolina. Cannot. Wait. Family time is a need right now.

4. It’s finally warmed up a smidge around these parts. This week has been bitter cold and it’s finally just a teeny bit warmer.

5. I’m looking forward to SO many fun things coming up in the next 6 weeks that every day feels fabulous because it gets me closer to something fun! 

Happy Friday!

Monday Thoughts

I woke up early this morning to get to the gym for a 5:30a Spin class. Monday mornings are so much harder than Friday mornings even though I go to bed about the same time. But I was up and at ’em in the dark and the cold. Tonight I’ll head back to the gym for PT and Zumba. This morning as I was getting ready for work I started thinking about my office’s upcoming move to Rockville. If you don’t know, that move is going to increase my commute from 15 minutes (with no traffic) to about 40 minutes (with no traffic). That’s not too bad in the mornings but the afternoons? There’s always traffic. So it’ll likely be a hour to get home. Fortunately, my guy lives 5 minutes from my new office. And actually, I could probably walk to it in 10 minutes. But…my gym and my trainer are staying put. So…I’ve got to start making some schedule changes. Currently, I’m at the gym 2 mornings a week between 5:30a to 6:30 or 7a and 3 nights a week with my times ranging from 5:30p to 8:15p (not that whole time every night). So…if I’m going to be working 40 minutes or more from my gym, I need to change something. I believe I’m changing my work hours a bit but not every day. I think the one thing I’ve decided is that my Zumba class is going to have to go. I love Spin more than Zumba and I get a better workout. Plus, if I’m going to be meeting my trainer at 5:30p on Tuesdays still, I’m going to have to leave work earlier on Tuesdays, which means an earlier start, which means I don’t want to be at the gym until 7p and have no evening time before bed. I haven’t figured the rest of my week out yet but I’m going to try to do that this week and come to terms with the fact that my cozy little HoCo life is changing. See…in 6 months, I’m moving out of my current apartment and more than likely, I’m moving out of HoCo, which means I’m going to be leaving my gym and my trainer. I think I’lll stick with both as long as I can because well…I have a half marathon in six months and I’m going to need that for training. So…a lot is tumbling around in my brain this morning but it’ll all work itself out…I just gotta keep my eye on all the good the future will bring me.

fall apart

What a Workout! (and a smoothie)

My trainer is forever keeping my workouts different and exciting. She knows what type of workout I prefer (cardio circuits) and tries to sneak those in on occasion when I’m needing more than some strength. Yesterday afternoon she texted me asking me if I wanted my butt kicking workout that night or Friday morning. Um? Great. So I opted for last night because Friday morning I train after Spin and I’m half dead. Thank goodness I chose that option. I would’ve been on the floor to stay if I did it after Spin!

It was 3 circuits of 3 exercises. I did each circuit for 7 minutes seeing how many rounds I could do. The idea is that you can see your improvement over time so I’ll be doing it again in a couple of weeks. Plus, the workout FLEW by since you only take a 1-2 minute break in between circuits.

Circuit 1:
10 push-ups
20 walking lunges
30 jump ropes (I didn’t actually use a jump rope)

Circuit 2:
5 burpees
10 barbell chest presses
15 sit ups/roll ups (knees can be bent or extended)

Circuit 3:
15 squat pulses
10 jumping jacks
5 TRX pull ups

It may be you can’t do some of them depending on your access to equipment but you get the idea of what muscle groups are working and could switch out. I thought my abs were gonna give out on the last set of roll ups. I ended up doing 4 rounds of the first 2 circuits and 8 of the last one. So that breaks down to:

40 push-ups
80 walking lunges
120 jump ropes

20 burpees
40 barbell chest presses
60 roll ups (dying)

120 squat pulses
80 jumping jacks
40 TRX pull ups

All in a half hour’s time.

In other news, this morning I decided I’d try a pumpkin pie shake as part of my breakfast. Last night I froze pure pumpkin in ice cube trays so I could just pop out a couple for smoothies. This is what went in to the delicious breakfast treat:

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie
1 c unsweetned vanilla almond milk
2 Tbsp frozen pumpkin (use more if you want it thicker)
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
pumpkin pie spice

Blend it all up!

Tuesday Tidbits

Since I posted last week a lot has been happening so I’m doing a bulleted/picture update. First the pictures and then the bullets to explain and some extras (without pics).

PicMonkey Collage

  • I got beautiful roses from my special guy.
  • October night skies are one of the most gorgeous things nature can show us.
  • I burned a lot of calories for my last workout last week. I had training followed by Spin. It does a body good.
  • I made delicious healthy pizzas for 2. Flat out bread, pasta sauce, cheese, sliced chicken sausages. Bake. Eat ’em up!
  • Deciding to leave work early on Wednesday and start my vacation was the best idea ever. I treated myself to a mani/pedi. I do pedicures often but I never get manicures. I use my hands too much and I just don’t see the point in spending the money. But I had a special event for the weekend so I figured, why not? That’s OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark. It’s also still holding up really well!
  • Beautiful wedding for my dear friend! It rained “liquid sunshine” but it stopped just in time for the actual ceremony and it was perfect in every way.
  • My calves are finally not sore this morning after a night full of dancing on Friday. Shennanigans ensued the more the liquor flowed.
  • Having white wine and Doritos when one is intoxicated is rather delicious (and classy).
  • We found a great little lunch spot that was actually a dairy farm. We stopped there on Thursday and had ice cream. The very small was anything but. I had chocolate red velvet ice cream. I know!! On Saturday as we were leaving the area, we stopped back for lunch. I got a bowl of fresh fruit, cornbread, a sampling of cheeses, a bowl of soup (half cream of crab, half Maryland crab), and a “very small” ice cream that was half peanut butter and half cookies ‘n’ cream. All of that for less than $9. Steal!

And not pictured.

  • Amish country on Saturday with the fella was a perfect cap to the weekend. Beautiful scenery, delicious snacks, excitement over seeing Amish buggies and a 2-buggy garage. Seriously, the scenery driving up there was gorgeous but my camera just wasn’t doing it justice. We definitely have plans to go back to certain spots after getting such a great preview.
  • I signed up for a half marathon yesterday. It’s not until May so I have plenty of training time and I should be able to train in less harsh weather months. (I’m still processing my craziness.)

Pull-Up Machine Ain’t No Joke

Happy Wednesday, y’all! It’s really my Friday since I’m taking off the rest of the week to go celebrate my dear friend’s wedding day on Friday. I’m ready for a break. I feel bad in some ways because I’m so ready for vacation. So many people are unable to work right now due to the government shutdown but at the same time, it’s been a while since my last bit of time off and the last time I took off, I jumped right back in to work once I was back. So I feel bad but I don’t at the same time.

Last night I had training. Since I’m training tonight as well, my trainer had last night mainly be upper body and tonight will mainly be lower body. My body almost gave out last night. Last night was my premiere on the pull-up machine. I’ve been working my way up to it and I’m still not able to do it without her help but seriously? My biceps and upper body are starting to scream this morning. You feel it and it’s odd because someone was helping me but you don’t realize how much you’re actually working until you’re off the machine. But squeezing my biceps and body to pull myself up is no joke. My biceps feel like weaklings next to other parts of my upper body so maybe that’s something I should be working on a little more now. Hm. Maybe my fella will help me out since I’m weak and can’t do the load I need to be doing on my own. So after a couple of rounds of 2 different upper body circuits, it was time for my core circuit. That was 20 plank rockers on the stability ball followed by 20 hand to feet stability ball passes, two times through. My core fell out on the second set of hand to feet passes. I finished it (with her help again!) and then made the loudest grunt. She laughed at me and said she hadn’t heard that noise from me in a long time. I don’t know what the deal was. Usually I’m good with the core. But it may be that my body was so tired from the workout already?

Interested in my upper body circuits?

Shoulder combo warm-up: Light weights (I think about 7 or 8 pounds each hand) – hands by your side, palms face forward and raise up over head then back down and rotate wrists so palms face down as you lift arms in front of you to shoulder height

3 times through:
– 15 pull-up machine reps
– bent over rows (15 each side) – I started with 15lb dumbell and on the 2nd and 3rd set went with 17.5lbs
– barbell front raises (20lbs)

3 times through:
– tricep overhead pulls (rope on the tower)
– high plank hold on the bench with shoulder taps

Learning to Live with a Rest Day

The last couple of weeks I’ve felt a little soreness in my right gluteus minimus. I’ve been paying attention to it but probably not as much as I should. Well, Tuesday at PT, I did some one legged squats. Clearly, that was not smart. Tuesday night I was rolling around on the couch and floor in some major pain. I pulled that muscle. It was a bit swollen and Tuesday night into Wednesday afternoon I was in barely walkable kind of pain. It’s still sore and I’m still treating it nicely but I’m back to working out on it. I hate injuries. They force an unplanned rest day. See, I planned my rest day for Thursday. This injury forced Wednesday and Thursday to be rest days. I also had to take it easy this morning. We had to cut out glute work in PT and I had to resist too much standing and adding too much resistance in Spin.

I have a hard time with unplanned rest days. I appreciate a rest day and I understand the importance, but I don’t like having my plans knocked out of whack. I don’t like knowing I need to step it up on Sunday to make up for missing Wednesday. I don’t like feeling guilty when I’m not working out. But…clearly my body demanded rest. I’m so entrenched in my routine that when my weekday evening Monday through Wednesday doesn’t include the gym, I feel major guilt. That’s great for meeting planned workouts, not so great when I have to rest unexpectedly. I have to learn to appreciate a rest day even when it isn’t planned. I have to learn to embrace a workout on a day I don’t normally (or want) to exercise.

Fitness Friday

Well, this week I crammed all of my real activity into the last 4 days. I went to Spin Wednesday night and this morning. I went to PT last night and this morning. (I have a 5K tomorrow morning.) In preparation for the 5K, I requested my trainer not do legs this morning. So she had a serious leg workout for me last night and a upper body workout for me this morning paying special attention to bis and tris. Let me tell you a little bit about the legs last night.

She got me in the leg press machine but then had me turn on my right hip (almost like I was going to sleep) and put my left foot up on the pad at a diagonal but so my knee was still in line with my ankle/toes. Then I pressed with just that foot at that angle. Um…serious isolation of the glute. (If you do the glute stretch where you cross your foot over the opposite knee and pull towards your chest…that muscle you feel pull in your hip/glute? That’s what I worked.) This morning at Spin I didn’t feel it but I can tell I’m starting to feel that little pain. I debated on whether Spin would be a good idea since I’ve got the 5K but my trainer and I figured I’d be better off if I did Spin to shake my legs out some from last night.

This morning we started with Bosu ball/core work. High to low planks on the Bosu with low plank holds on the Bosu in between. Then it was off to tricep/back work on the machines. Followed by overhead tricep dips and bicep curls. Then we closed with some core work (dead bugs and double leg lifts).

Feel the burn!

Last night the second part of my training session really burned. My glutes, hips, and quads are still talking about it today! Here’s what happened:

Walking lunges while holding 2 10-pound dumbbells (I walked for probably 20 one way, turned and 20 back)
30 second rest
15 squats with 2 10-pound dumbbells overhead press
30-60 second rest
Repeat series once through.

This was the second circuit in my training session. The first part had a series of TRX rows and single leg bar push-ups. My session ended with a circuit that involved tricep overhead machine rows and plank rockers on the stability ball.

If you’re looking for a good quick lower body burn, I highly recommend the walking lunges/squat series!

Fitness Friday

I figured I’d bring back Fitness Friday. It’s been too long and it’s been a week of pushing myself at the gym.

During last night’s training, we ended with a quick hill interval on the treadmill. I didn’t die, but I thought I might have a heart attack at the end. Seriously. It started with a 30 second warm-up at 3.5 speed, where I stayed the entire time, with no incline. Then from 1:30 to 3:30 I increased my incline from 4 to 6 to 9 to 12, increasing every 30 seconds. Then back down to 4 and hop off for tricep work. Back on at incline 4 and up to 3.5 speed. After 15 seconds I went up to incline 7 to 9 to 12 to 15 (every 30 seconds there was an increase). At 15 I kept one hand on for most of the climb but took them off for the last 5 seconds. Oh my heavens. Quickly back down to flat surface, catch my breath, and finish tricep work. I’m pretty sure my HR monitor would’ve registered nothing but it wasn’t working properly because I was so sweaty (it’s bandless and I wear the sensor on my wrist). It was a TOUGH workout yesterday because I also did some bench presses with the bar and an extra 20 pounds. I was hurting but I felt accomplished.


Fast-forward to this morning where I started with a one hour Spin class and finished with 30 minutes of training. I pushed myself hard in Spin. My quads were on fire quickly into the workout. But I needed it. Then I went outside for training. I pushed the sled, I flipped tires. I tried jumping in the tire and it wasn’t happening. I did manage to jump on it 3 times. But I wasn’t loving how my attempts turned out. There’s always the next time.


I did do more than I thought I was capable of this week but I didn’t do everything I know I can do. I didn’t know I could do 30 seconds at an incline of 15 at 3.5 speed. I didn’t know I could bench press a total of 60ish pounds (bar plus weights). I know I can jump in that damn tire, I just need to get my brain to catch up.