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Weekend Recap

I had a fantastic holiday weekend! Thursday, July 4, I started my day with a super sweaty cardio and training session.



I started with 6 minutes on the Stairmill followed by 20 on the treadmill. I did some speed intervals on the treadmill. By the time I got to my trainer, I’d already burned 731 calories! For realz. Fortunately, she took pity on me and didn’t make me do squats. We’re doing the 30-Day squat challenge and that day was supposed to be a rest day. So since she knew I’d been killing it with the squats for 3 days and I had an intense warm-up, she mostly worked my core and arms. Sure, my lower body was worked but it wasn’t the main focus. Ya know?

After my workout, it was time to relax! My guy came over and we hung out with the roomie most of the day. I roasted up chicken sausages, peppers, and onions for “dogs.” We had mini bell peppers stuffed with string cheese as a side. There was also a lot of chips/guac and wine involved that day.

Friday I was back to work but took off a little early for some bonus time with my guy. Followed by drinks (prickly pear maragaritas!) with some friends. Saturday was a perfect day with my guy. It started with breakfast and a little shopping. That evening we had dinner and sat by the water for a while before seeing World War Z. If you’re into zombies at all….go see that movie! It was great! It’s nothing like the book so if you’ve read it, don’t expect it to be. You’ll really enjoy the action and suspense of this movie!

Sunday I hit the gym for a stairmill and treadmill workout followed by cleaning and then laziness.

So how did I feel about my health and fitness over the holiday weekend? So-so. I felt pretty good about working out since I got in a serious new groove with the cardio sessions. It was the first time I’ve really worked on the stairmill after my trainer got me on it. It’s a serious calorie burner and sweat inducer. I enjoyed food over the 4 days. I ate what I wanted for the most part and I enjoyed ice cream and other sweet treats. While I don’t regret it, it is the reason I’m back on a strict/serious discipline plan today. I don’t believe in depriving yourself when you’re trying to lose weight, but I do believe it takes discipline and decision making. I didn’t do either of those very well over the 4 days. My weight shows it. So back to working on it! More on that in another post.


High Five for Friday

I’m linking up with Lauren for H54F.

 photo H54Fbutton-triangle_zps678b65ba.jpg

Spin first thing in the morning!


A beautiful flower to brighten my day and office from my favorite person in the world.


Loving my Snickerdoodle cake. It was hot pink on the inside!


Arrested Development is coming back this weekend!


I found a hilarious book in a random shopping night then spent a good chunk of the evening boring my man reading it out loud.


How has your week been?

It’s OK Thursday – A First

Normally I don’t do link-ups but I thought I would do a link-up for It’s Ok Thursday from Brunch with Amber.

Its Ok Thursdays

It’s OK….

 …to want to call in sick when you walk outside and find it sprinkling rain.

…to have someone pick up a bulk pack of roasted seasoned seaweed snacks because you’ve become addicted.

 …to have been patiently waiting on the weekend to get here since Tuesday and be barely able to contain yourself now that it’s Thursday.

…to set a somewhat high limit for how much you’re allowed to spend at an upcoming Clever Container! party.

…to bake cookies a third weekend in a row.

…to continue personal training for the fifth month and love it more each time.

…to be really excited to go see family next weekend but already look forward to getting back home to hug the one you love.

…to look forward to a date night in tomorrow.

…to love watching your friends fall and be in love, especially because you can share in being bit by the love bug.

What’s ok with you? Link up!

Black Friday Shopping

For the first time ever, my family and I went Black Friday shopping in the very early morning hours. Since I’m in a small town in NC, we went to 3 stores but it was enough. We left the house at midnight after fueling up on coffee and some divine cookies. First it was Wal-Mart, which only took us 45 minutes. Then it was off to Kohl’s. Well, that wasn’t so awesome. I got what I wanted but I waited in a 2.5 hour line to check-out. It was a long line but it was also a line that wasn’t moving. It was ridiculous, really. But Belk’s wasn’t opening until 3am so we had time to kill. Then it was off to Belk’s where I was able to finally find a pair of black boots. They aren’t over the calf boots but they’re boots that I needed. I threw my black boots out at the beginning of the season because they’d seen better days. So now I have these:

Life Stride from Belk

I love them! Then it was home to bed for a few hours. After waking up starving, I was promptly fed pancakes and bacon (maybe I was starving because I smelled bacon?). Then I went back out to Lowe’s hardware and ended up coming home with a Christmas tree. My artificial tree is too fat for my new apartment and the one I found was super cheap but they only has the display left. Not a terrible thing since it fits better in my car that way and I can just take it straight from my car to my living room and set it up.

Overall, I got good deals this morning and I’m glad I went. I didn’t have anything else better to do at that time other than sleep, so why not nap away my day?

Did you go Black Friday shopping? What deals did you find?

Sunday Morning Pinning

I woke up this morning, made coffee and then parked myself on the couch and plugged in to Pinterest. I have a problem. But I thought I’d share some of my most recent pin loves.

My new favorite fall purse


I actually bought this purse yesterday at Kohl’s. The picture doesn’t do the color justice. It’s more of a mauve and it’s lovely.

Chicken Rollatini Stuffed with Zucchini and Mozzarella


I haven’t made these yet but I can hardly wait to do so. They look sooo good.

Blue Moon cupcakes?


I’m really intrigued by these cupcakes. I think they could either be really good or horrible.

We all need someone to love

I leave you with the cute.

Are you on Pinterest? If so, what are your favorite pins?

Staying Occupied with a Hurricane Coming

This morning I slept in a little and then we got moving to take advantage of no rain this morning. In case you haven’t heard (and live under a rock) hurricane Irene is headed this way. Personally, I don’t expect a lot of issue from it but I do expect a lot of rain, which we’re getting now.

We headed to Eggspectations (my favorite breakfast place) to get a nice hearty breakfast. I had banana french toast and bacon. Yummy! Then I did the only logical thing to do when a hurricane is coming. I went shopping. Clothes shopping. I found a pair of black flats and 3 tops perfect for switching into fall. Then we went with all the crazies and went to Target. We already had water and a giant jar of peanut butter and bread but if we don’t lose power, I need to clean the apartment this weekend. I also had to buy these since I had a coupon and because a hurricane is coming:

NEEDS for survival


Once we got home I decided it was time for me to watch Toy Story 3. I don’t know why I haven’t watched it before but I do know I did a lot of crying during this movie. I loved it, but geez, what a tear jerker.

We plan to spend the rest of the day vegging on the couch with movies. Tomorrow I’ll clean and do my real job work that needs to get done.

Hope y’all stay safe out there!

What do you do to prepare for weather?

When you’re feeling broken-hearted

I’m feeling blue and trying my best to mend a broken heart recently. Today I’ve been down in the dumps for sure. When I got home I crawled in to bed and thought about how all I wanted was comfort food or you know, bad for me food. I shook out of it and tried to bring myself up and out of the funk. I ended up going to Target and wandering around looking at beauty products and the baking aisle. I don’t know about y’all but when I go on a baking aisle and smell the marshmallows and flour, my mood instantly lifts. I also love looking at beauty products…particularly if they’re on clearance.

My point of this post though, is that instead of dragging my roommate out to eat and eating a bunch of crap I don’t need and wouldn’t make me feel better, I just went for a little retail therapy. Ok, and I stopped at Chick-fil-A when I left Target but that was way better than what I would’ve ordered at say Red Robin or On the Border.

And when that doesn’t work, I look at puppies:

What do you do to fight of the blues and broken hearts?

Walk a Mile in My New Shoes

We left NC this morning and headed on down the road towards Atlanta. On the way down we stopped at some outlets in SC. We only bought shoes. I bought 4 pairs and my mom bought 3. This is what I bought:

Yes, there are two pairs that are almost exactly the same but they’re Blue Fin and when I slipped them on they felt amazing. I love gray flops and I need new brown ones. Plus they were buy one get one 50% off and each pair was only originally $14.99 so I walked out with 4 pairs. TSA may pull me aside on Monday morning though because I have 7 pairs of shoes and only like 4 outfits.

Anyway, we boogied down the road and before you knew it I was looking at this:

Georgia, Georgia

So after a little bit of a hotel hunt, we’re here and exhuasted. Tomorrow is my SIL’s graduation and I can hardly wait to see the whole family.

Off to lay on a comfy bed and read magazines.

Sunday Funday

I’ve been in a baking mood this weekend. Last night I got a brownie craving so I made Peanut Butter Brownies (box mix) and they totally hit the spot. A warm brownie and some milk on the couch? Yes, please.

Only one was for me. Swear.

Today it was time to bake Funfetti Cupcakes using the recipe from How Sweet It Is. I wanted to make cupcakes to welcome back a co-worker from her long wedding break. What’s more welcoming than Funfetti? Not much.

I squealed once I poured the sprinkles in the batter and started stirring them up.

What's better than cake batter? Sprinkle-filled cake batter.

I squealed again once I pulled the pans out of the oven. It’s like a party.

After icing them with Trader Joe’s White Icing Mix I cut into one of the mini ones.

Unassuming cupcake

Party cupcake

My afternoon was finished with shopping.

I think I look better in it


I love this new dress. I’ve been looking for something in this style for a while so it was worth paying a little more than I wanted.


I’m planning to pair this with my new pair of black side tie bottoms. It’s also a really soft material, much smoother than your average bathing suit material.

I hope y’all had Sunday Fundays, too!