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Monday’s Here Again










Seriously, Monday…get a life. I don’t know about you but as the days stay lighter longer and it warms up (I’ve heard it will one day anyway), the weekends get shorter. I’ve always enjoyed my weekends but since the fella and I started dating over a year ago, I live for my weekends, particularly my Saturdays. He works on Sundays so Saturday is the one day we can have together all day. This past Saturday we definitely had one to remember! K’s birthday is right around the corner and as my gift I bought Capitals hockey tickets for Saturday’s game. I also promised a dinner out at Paladar. So Saturday morning we woke up and had a little lazy time breakfast before heading downtown (in the drizzly rain) to the Caps game. We had a great time, even though they lost. The seats were great and you make your own fun when your team is losing, right? And at least it wasn’t a shutout. Back home to relax for a bit before dressing up and heading out to dinner.

Well, little did K know but I invited about 12 others to join us for dinner. Not only did we surprise him with a large birthday dinner but I managed to get some friends come out who he hadn’t seen in quite some time and I’d never actually met (partial thank you to Facebook). It’s not easy for me to surprise K. He gets a little suspicious but mainly because I’m HORRIBLE at keeping secrets from him. I get excited and I want to share everything with him. But we managed to completely surprise him and had one of the best evenings we’ve had in a while. It was full of friends, family, good food and drinks, and lots and lots of laughter.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my fella smile and my heart just felt full watching him interact with his closest friends. I loved seeing our different walks of life friends interact and get along really well. (But I won’t lie…I’m glad it’s over because I was about to burst with that secret!)

Today the sun is shining after 3 days of rain here in Maryland and a weird freak snow “storm” yesterday afternoon. Honestly, y’all, while nothing stuck, the Facebook posts were hilarious yesterday once everyone started seeing the white stuff fall out of the sky. March has been awful around these parts and I think even the snow lovers are just over it. So the sun is shining and there is promise of temps in the 60s this week. I’m not believing it sticks until I see it.

Happy week ahead!


New Restaurant in a Familiar Place

Yesterday I got up early and headed to the airport for my last summer travel season trip. This one is a fun one. I’m back in my home state of Georgia and more specifically, my college “town” of Atlanta! My coworker was scheduled to be in Atlanta at 6pm and I scheduled my flight to be in at 10:30 so I could go spend the day with a college friend and her new baby. It was a delightful afternoon! I loved meeting the perfect baby she and her husband created and I loved getting to spend the day with her catching up and reminiscing. Once I had to leave, I picked my coworker up and made the drive to the other side of town to our hotel. We’re staying near Lenox Mall, which I went to more often than I had money for in college. For dinner we went to a place across the street called Truffles Cafe. It wasn’t here when I lived here but it was a great choice! The food was reasonably priced and really tasty. I started with a pear and elderflower martini. Sounds odd? It tasted like I bit into a ripe juicy pear. We ordered house salads to start, too, and they were huge and fresh! Plus there was french bread with a garlic and green onion butter. Phenomenal. For dinner I ordered the Crispy Chicken. The description for it read:

Fresh bone-in chicken, fried, tossed with a fresh ginger and soy vinaigrette, served with truffle macaroni and cheese, seasonal vegetables

Well, I was sold. The portions were huge and it was comfort food with a twist. The chicken was moist and flavorful all the way through. It wasn’t too breaded but I could tell it was a light breading that was gently pan fried. So good.

As much as we were feeling full, we wanted dessert. We’d peeked when we were ordering and made the decision to do dessert instead of an appetizer. I ordered the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie.

Graham cracker crust, peanut butter mousse, dark chocolate, whipped cream

The mousse was light and rich and melt in your mouth. The dark chocolate was slightly melty but firm. I want another piece for breakfast.

I’ve got some work to do this morning but we’ll explore some this afternoon before we have to work this evening. Then we’ll find somewhere local for dinner. I’m really glad to be back in Atlanta and in Georgia. As much as I see Maryland as my home, I feel home every time I land at the Atlanta airport. It tugs at my heart and I never want to leave. It was also really nice to tell the rental car company yesterday that I didn’t need a map. It’s the little things.

College Football is Back!

College ball is back!


We went to Kloby’s, a new to us, BBQ restaurant. I was quite pleased with it. I was able to get fried okra and corn fritters. I also got a really delicious plate of pulled pork with a spicy sauce. I had a lot of leftovers so maybe they’ll make it on here in the next few days…I have ideas for the meat. We watched some of the games there and then headed home so I could play with my new laptop! Yes, I purchased a new laptop this morning and I’m in love with it. I am having to get used to the new keyboard because this one has the number pad on the right, which I love. But it offsets my typing by about an inch. I’m getting there, though.

Once home, I watched the Clemson game online. The source link above will actually take you to Clemson’s traditions page. I’ve been to a number of their home games and there is nothing like them! Now I’m watching UGA lose. Eh.

Hope you’re all having fun Labor Day weekends!

Staying Occupied with a Hurricane Coming

This morning I slept in a little and then we got moving to take advantage of no rain this morning. In case you haven’t heard (and live under a rock) hurricane Irene is headed this way. Personally, I don’t expect a lot of issue from it but I do expect a lot of rain, which we’re getting now.

We headed to Eggspectations (my favorite breakfast place) to get a nice hearty breakfast. I had banana french toast and bacon. Yummy! Then I did the only logical thing to do when a hurricane is coming. I went shopping. Clothes shopping. I found a pair of black flats and 3 tops perfect for switching into fall. Then we went with all the crazies and went to Target. We already had water and a giant jar of peanut butter and bread but if we don’t lose power, I need to clean the apartment this weekend. I also had to buy these since I had a coupon and because a hurricane is coming:

NEEDS for survival


Once we got home I decided it was time for me to watch Toy Story 3. I don’t know why I haven’t watched it before but I do know I did a lot of crying during this movie. I loved it, but geez, what a tear jerker.

We plan to spend the rest of the day vegging on the couch with movies. Tomorrow I’ll clean and do my real job work that needs to get done.

Hope y’all stay safe out there!

What do you do to prepare for weather?

Sunny Saturday

Today started earlier than I would’ve liked but it turned out just fine. After dumping off stuff at Goodwill I came back home to go through all the clothes I own. I have all clothing and bedding either packed or ready to pack. After finishing that up we headed out to the pool for a bit:

Yes, that’s a recycled picture but I was over in the corner near that table you see there and the lifeguard was close by and I still can’t figure out how to turn my Blackberry’s shutter sound off. I didn’t want to seem like a creep. A sunny pool is a sunny pool.

After cleaning up it was out for Mexican and margaritas. That hit the spot like you don’t know. Then we went to see Super 8.

Review of Super 8

I loved this movie. It’s about a group of friends in a small Ohio town who witness a major train crash while making a movie. Shortly after the strange crash, unusual events around the town begin happening like disappearances and weird events. They try to figure out what’s going on (naturally).

Since it takes place in 1979 there are a lot of funny little things that take you back to that time. Like the appearance of Walkmans.

It had me laughing throughout, it kept my interest and kept me guessing as to exactly what was going on until almost the very end. Even once I put all the pieces together it kept me wondering how they would get out of the predicament. Go see it. It’s worth it.

Have you seen any good movies lately? What are they?


Trip One of the Summer

So y’all know I was in NC Thursday and Friday. Then you probably saw I made it to GA. Well, today was the reason for the whole trip: my SIL’s graduation. I’m so proud of her! The weather was perfect but hot. However, it’s late June in GA so that’s a given. After the graduation we headed back to the hotel and made plans with my best friend and her husband. We went to one of my favorite spots in Atl:

That’s right..if you know me, you know it’s La Fonda! Naturally, I ordered the Paella del Mar.


Sorry, for the blurry picture but trust me, it sounds as delicious and it tastes. I also drank like 3 glasses of sweet tea. It was great to visit with my bestie, Erin, and her hubby, Kris. Lucky for me, I get to see Erin in about a month for a cross country trip and then I should be able to see both of them again in Atlanta for the conclusion of my many travels at the end of September.

So a quick trip but one that’s left me completely happy and totally missing the slower pace of the south.