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Monday’s Here Again










Seriously, Monday…get a life. I don’t know about you but as the days stay lighter longer and it warms up (I’ve heard it will one day anyway), the weekends get shorter. I’ve always enjoyed my weekends but since the fella and I started dating over a year ago, I live for my weekends, particularly my Saturdays. He works on Sundays so Saturday is the one day we can have together all day. This past Saturday we definitely had one to remember! K’s birthday is right around the corner and as my gift I bought Capitals hockey tickets for Saturday’s game. I also promised a dinner out at Paladar. So Saturday morning we woke up and had a little lazy time breakfast before heading downtown (in the drizzly rain) to the Caps game. We had a great time, even though they lost. The seats were great and you make your own fun when your team is losing, right? And at least it wasn’t a shutout. Back home to relax for a bit before dressing up and heading out to dinner.

Well, little did K know but I invited about 12 others to join us for dinner. Not only did we surprise him with a large birthday dinner but I managed to get some friends come out who he hadn’t seen in quite some time and I’d never actually met (partial thank you to Facebook). It’s not easy for me to surprise K. He gets a little suspicious but mainly because I’m HORRIBLE at keeping secrets from him. I get excited and I want to share everything with him. But we managed to completely surprise him and had one of the best evenings we’ve had in a while. It was full of friends, family, good food and drinks, and lots and lots of laughter.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my fella smile and my heart just felt full watching him interact with his closest friends. I loved seeing our different walks of life friends interact and get along really well. (But I won’t lie…I’m glad it’s over because I was about to burst with that secret!)

Today the sun is shining after 3 days of rain here in Maryland and a weird freak snow “storm” yesterday afternoon. Honestly, y’all, while nothing stuck, the Facebook posts were hilarious yesterday once everyone started seeing the white stuff fall out of the sky. March has been awful around these parts and I think even the snow lovers are just over it. So the sun is shining and there is promise of temps in the 60s this week. I’m not believing it sticks until I see it.

Happy week ahead!


Push Through

Yesterday after our ice storm it was supposed to warm up to 50 degrees. We didn’t quite make it up that high, but I still managed to get in a run outdoors after work. I had 3 miles to do and my fella had told me when I got back, there would be dinner waiting on me. OK! It was a slow 3 miles but I did it. Not only did I do it, but I pushed myself to actually run the last .9 miles without a break. They say the first mile is the hardest and they aren’t joking! I finally got my body on board that this was happening whether it liked it or not and I ran. I kept seeing that I was close to another round milestone.

“C’mon, you’ve run to 1.20, you can run to 1.25.”
“C’mon, there’s a hill, you can run DOWN hill.”
“C’mon, run to 1.75 and you can walk .1 mile.”


So I ran much of mile 2 and almost all of mile 3. Some of what helped me push even though I knew I was slow? I was one of the few people outside actually exercising. There were a few little old ladies walking their dogs, there were some people walking home from work, but I was out there for fitness. So yeah, I was slow, but I was out there working on it!

And, as promised, when I got home K had a small appetizer just for me! Multigrain Tostitos with goat cheese and guac. (Just a few.) Then it was time for dinner. He made me a PSPSP–Pesto Shrimp Provolone Spinach Pizza. Does this guy know me or what? Those are like all my favorite things and it was a relatively healthy meal. I think he loves me and I think I’ll keep him around.



It’s time

Well, hello. Long time no talk. Truth be told I’ve been quite a busy bee. After Christmas K and I were quite busy with social events such as Capitals hockey tickets, seeing friends and family, (work..boo, hiss), and oh yeah…we went to NYC for a whirlwind trip this past weekend. We’ve got a lot of fun stuff coming up in the next 4 months and most of that has been planned in the last 2 weeks so we were busy planning, too, I guess. But now…it’s time to settle a bit and get serious about this half marathon training. Over the last few weeks I’ve done some light cardio but probably more in the way of strength. I quit my gym and trainer. I know. I’m not fully ok with it yet because you know I loved both but it just doesn’t work with my new commute. Well, sure, I could make it work if I want to run myself ragged and set myself up for failure. So with the idea that I need to run a lot in the next 4 months, I quit them but I’ve started building my own little home gym. The idea will be that once K and I move in April or May we’re going to use the spare room for a gym area…so our guests can workout, too! 🙂

So I’ve bought a 15 lb. kettlebell, a Bosu trainer (after a sale at Target twisted my arm), and I have intentions to buy some resistance bands and more kettlebells once I build up a little more. I’ve also been working on a plank and push-up challenge. I have to say I just completed 3 days of 90 second planks. Not. A. Fan. Today it jumps to 120 seconds. Really? The push-ups are too bad though. They’ve been slowly increasing by 1 or 2 a day and right now I’m only at 18 for the day. I set an alarm in the evening to do them just in case I haven’t gotten around to them yet. Helpful yet a dreadful reminder at 7:15p.

So…I’m over my break and I hope to get back to sharing all the fun things that are happening along with my training progress. I’m a little nervous but I’m excited about it at the same time. Until next time…


Monday Thoughts

I woke up early this morning to get to the gym for a 5:30a Spin class. Monday mornings are so much harder than Friday mornings even though I go to bed about the same time. But I was up and at ’em in the dark and the cold. Tonight I’ll head back to the gym for PT and Zumba. This morning as I was getting ready for work I started thinking about my office’s upcoming move to Rockville. If you don’t know, that move is going to increase my commute from 15 minutes (with no traffic) to about 40 minutes (with no traffic). That’s not too bad in the mornings but the afternoons? There’s always traffic. So it’ll likely be a hour to get home. Fortunately, my guy lives 5 minutes from my new office. And actually, I could probably walk to it in 10 minutes. But…my gym and my trainer are staying put. So…I’ve got to start making some schedule changes. Currently, I’m at the gym 2 mornings a week between 5:30a to 6:30 or 7a and 3 nights a week with my times ranging from 5:30p to 8:15p (not that whole time every night). So…if I’m going to be working 40 minutes or more from my gym, I need to change something. I believe I’m changing my work hours a bit but not every day. I think the one thing I’ve decided is that my Zumba class is going to have to go. I love Spin more than Zumba and I get a better workout. Plus, if I’m going to be meeting my trainer at 5:30p on Tuesdays still, I’m going to have to leave work earlier on Tuesdays, which means an earlier start, which means I don’t want to be at the gym until 7p and have no evening time before bed. I haven’t figured the rest of my week out yet but I’m going to try to do that this week and come to terms with the fact that my cozy little HoCo life is changing. See…in 6 months, I’m moving out of my current apartment and more than likely, I’m moving out of HoCo, which means I’m going to be leaving my gym and my trainer. I think I’lll stick with both as long as I can because well…I have a half marathon in six months and I’m going to need that for training. So…a lot is tumbling around in my brain this morning but it’ll all work itself out…I just gotta keep my eye on all the good the future will bring me.

fall apart

Wednesday Words

radiateI think these are 3 great words to remember. Radiating sunshine (always) is the way to go. Not only does it make you feel better but it makes others feel better. You never know what someone is going through so remembering to spread sunshine whereever you are can make someone’s day.

Wednesday Words


Most of the time just believing in yourself gives you the ability to accomplish your dreams and/or goals.

I know I feel that way in working out. I can’t believe some of the things I’ve accomplished over the last year in terms of my cardio endurance, my strength, my confidence in classes. Amazing yourself is the way to go.

Wednesday Words


I like this thought. It applies to so much, in my opinion. Lately my life has been full of changes, personally and professionally. I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting over the past year. Coming in to 2013, I had a feeling it would be a fresh year and start for me. So far, 2013 has been amazing. I’ve got a new outlook on my health and fitness. I’ve been spending a lot of time with someone special. I’ve been going through some (positive) growing pains professionally. I feel like things are going well. But honestly? I wouldn’t feel like they were or maybe some of them wouldn’t even be realities if I didn’t embrace the words you see above. Your past is your past. You should learn from it. You should grow from it. Yes, sometimes your past is horrible, but it’s how you handle it that makes you who you are. So I’m choosing to remember my past should make me better, not bitter.

Motivation Monday

With a new outlook on the blog and my life, comes a new way of organizing my posts. Mondays I’m going to aim to do two posts each day. The first post will come in the morning and be titled “Motivation Monday.” It’ll be a quick little post to give me (and you) something to keep you going all week. The second post will come in the evening and will feature everything I eat on Mondays. I’m hoping being honest about what I eat will force me to really look at what I’m eating and be more creative with what Ieat….but I can’t promise today will be creative since I just got back in town from a long weekend.