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Whirlwind Life

Life has been a crazy, hectic, mess of wonderfulness lately. What’s been happening?

Last time I posted I was on the fence about starting Weight Watchers again. Well, I did. I lost 19.7 pounds in the first 3 weeks. Yeah…but while that’s awesome. I’m not getting too terribly excited because 1. it was much of what I’d gained back and 2. I know I can’t keep that amount of weight loss up for the long haul. So YAY for losing but keep the expectations lower on how much I’ll lose consistently. I’m also aware that it may fluctuate a lot over the next few weeks because I’m moving soon and it’s a little stressful.

I went on vacation with the fella and his family. We went to Orlando for 5 days and enjoyed pool time with sunshine and warm temps, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, a gangster inspired dinner theater, La Nouba (a Cirque Du Soleil show), laughter, and a lot of delicious vacation food. Fish and chips, amazing steak, fish. And….I was introduced to jaffa tarts.

From the Rose and Crown Pub in Epcot

From the Rose and Crown Pub in Epcot









Seriously, these things are delicious. Orange flavored cake/cream covered in chocolate. I loved them so much that when I saw them on the menu at the Irish pub the next night, I had them again. Kinda ridiculous but I don’t care. They were amazing.

And now we’re back and in the thick of packing so we can move in 2 weeks. Well, less than 2 weeks. I’m slowly freaking out and then K is calming down the crazy until I freak out again. I have so much stuff. It’s major purge time. I’m getting rid of So. Much. Stuff. I’m definitely one of those people who gets anxious about moving/traveling and while I love it, I get really antsy and uncomfortable right before it happens and I just want it over. I don’t mind flying or the airport process per se, but the night before I fly, I’m just thinking, “Ok, I’d like to be on the other side of this now and skip the flying.” I’m not afraid of it, I just get anxious about the process I guess. I’m the same way with moving. But because moving is much larger than flying across country, I’m at the stage 2 weeks prior of just wanting to be moved in and beginning to unpack.

On top of all of these “big” events there’s a lot on the social calendar. K had a birthday this month, a close friend of our’s had a birthday this month that we’re eager to celebrate, we’ve had family events, and we’re expecting my family to come visit shortly after we move. Like I said, it’s been a crazy, hectic, mess of wonderfulness lately.


Monday’s Here Again










Seriously, Monday…get a life. I don’t know about you but as the days stay lighter longer and it warms up (I’ve heard it will one day anyway), the weekends get shorter. I’ve always enjoyed my weekends but since the fella and I started dating over a year ago, I live for my weekends, particularly my Saturdays. He works on Sundays so Saturday is the one day we can have together all day. This past Saturday we definitely had one to remember! K’s birthday is right around the corner and as my gift I bought Capitals hockey tickets for Saturday’s game. I also promised a dinner out at Paladar. So Saturday morning we woke up and had a little lazy time breakfast before heading downtown (in the drizzly rain) to the Caps game. We had a great time, even though they lost. The seats were great and you make your own fun when your team is losing, right? And at least it wasn’t a shutout. Back home to relax for a bit before dressing up and heading out to dinner.

Well, little did K know but I invited about 12 others to join us for dinner. Not only did we surprise him with a large birthday dinner but I managed to get some friends come out who he hadn’t seen in quite some time and I’d never actually met (partial thank you to Facebook). It’s not easy for me to surprise K. He gets a little suspicious but mainly because I’m HORRIBLE at keeping secrets from him. I get excited and I want to share everything with him. But we managed to completely surprise him and had one of the best evenings we’ve had in a while. It was full of friends, family, good food and drinks, and lots and lots of laughter.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my fella smile and my heart just felt full watching him interact with his closest friends. I loved seeing our different walks of life friends interact and get along really well. (But I won’t lie…I’m glad it’s over because I was about to burst with that secret!)

Today the sun is shining after 3 days of rain here in Maryland and a weird freak snow “storm” yesterday afternoon. Honestly, y’all, while nothing stuck, the Facebook posts were hilarious yesterday once everyone started seeing the white stuff fall out of the sky. March has been awful around these parts and I think even the snow lovers are just over it. So the sun is shining and there is promise of temps in the 60s this week. I’m not believing it sticks until I see it.

Happy week ahead!

Merry (Day After) Christmas!

Merry (day after) Christmas! I had my first Christmas away from my family and had my first truly cold Christmas. Normally, I’m in south GA but I did that a 2 weeks ago so my Christmas Eve was spent with my fella at my place. We made a gingerbread house, watched Christmas movies (A Christmas Story and It’s a Wonderful Life), ate a lovely lasagna dinner, and reflected on our year.


Christmas morning we were like kids. We only slept until about 7:30 before we were up and ready to open stockings and exchange gifts. Let’s just say, my guy did well. While it’s hard to pick a favorite gift since they’re all perfect for me and I love them all…two presents stand out in my mind. I opened a box that had a pair of running gloves that I wanted. But…then I realized that those running gloves had the bracelet I’d really been wanting placed around the wrist. Totally shocked me because even though I’d asked for the bracelet, I was pretty certain it wasn’t happening.

I also received the beautiful earrings with my birthstone.

I also received the beautiful earrings with my birthstone.

The second present is something that I can’t even tell you how much I will cherish. I’ve always said you have to go through all 4 seasons with someone to really know them and be “sure” of them. (Even though I was certain about K well before the second season we spent together.) Well, he got a 4 picture frame and put a picture we’ve taken from each of the 4 seasons we’ve spent together and wrote in the center “Thank you for the best 4 seasons of my life.” I totally cried. It’s something that embraces what this season and what our love is all about. Nothing can top that. (So, K, if you’re reading this…I changed my mind…that’s totally my favorite gift.)

After we spent a lazy, lovely morning and afternoon together we got out of our PJs and into the car and headed over to have a fantastic Italian dinner with K’s family. We opened more presents and shared a delicious meal and enjoyed each other’s company. We finished our night with a little time reflecting on the day and looking forward to what the next year will bring us. For a Christmas away from home and my family, I sure felt loved and part of K’s family.

Friday is Fabulous Because…

I don’t know about y’all but I’m extra glad that it’s Friday. This week has just been long. I’m taking my PMP exam next Wednesday so I’ve been studying extra hard this week. I’m just ready for it to be over now. I’m taking off Tuesday to study a bit and just relax my brain then Wednesday morning I’ll probably be a nervous wreck until noon when it’s time to take the exam. So today I’m telling you that Friday is fabulous because:

1. I started the day with an extra powerful “push/pull” series in my training session right after a seriously heart pumping Spin class. 

2. The fella and I are headed to Amish country tomorrow for the day. I can’t wait to get away and and enjoy some special time with my favorite person! (He’s also pretty damn fabulous himself.)

3. This Friday is fabulous because in 2 weeks at this time we will be hanging with my family for 4 days in North Carolina. Cannot. Wait. Family time is a need right now.

4. It’s finally warmed up a smidge around these parts. This week has been bitter cold and it’s finally just a teeny bit warmer.

5. I’m looking forward to SO many fun things coming up in the next 6 weeks that every day feels fabulous because it gets me closer to something fun! 

Happy Friday!

A little hiatus does a body good

Well, long time no blog. I took a break. I thought I would take a break indefinitely. But I realized this blog does help me stay accountable. Somewhat anyway. But I’d lost track of what this blog was about. I’d fallen prey to only doing link-ups or motivational quotes. It didn’t really tell my story anymore. I mean, I guess it did to an extent, but not the real me. It was the me I wanted other people to see. Not the me I’m actually living.

So who am I right now? I’m happy but I have my moments of real struggle. I’m extremely happy in so many parts of my life so let’s start with those.

  • I have a great guy. One who is supportive of me no matter where I am. One who tells me I’m beautiful every day and he means it. And I believe him (even on the days I don’t really feel it).
  • I have great friends. My friends have had to be family since I don’t live near my own family. They support me. They cheer me on. They sit down on the curb next to me when I don’t want to keep moving forward in my journey but then they help me back up when it’s time to move.
  • I have a wonderful family. I’m fortunate enough to have a family that doesn’t fight. Sure, we annoy each other and have our moments but I’ve never really fought with anyone in my family. While they don’t live near me, they’re always just a phone call away.

So what’s missing? My health and fitness of course! Don’t get me wrong. I’m pretty healthy all things considered. I’m pretty darn fit, particularly for someone at my weight. I have a deep commitment to working out. I wish I could say that transferred over to how well I eat. It doesn’t. I battle it. Daily. You know this if you’ve followed me for a while. But I take it one day at a time. Sometimes I fall off for weeks. But I always pick myself back up. And when I look back where I fell off, I’m always surprised to see it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. Sure, it wasn’t good but it sure could have been better. To me that says I have a better hold on my discipline than I give myself credit for. I need to embrace that discipline. Because knowing I have it and can do it, helps me keep doing it. It takes a lot of work but I can do it. I just have to go through that miserable stage of starting. But this time I’m not looking at it like a miserable stage because this time I’m remembering all the other wonderful parts of my life. Not only do those parts support me, but they’re worth being healthier for. I want to be around my guy, my family, and friends for a long time.

So here I go again. I’m getting back to what this blog is meant to do. Follow the journey of improving my health and how I see myself while I balance out my love for baking (and eating food in general). I’m not going to say I won’t do link-ups or motivational quotes/words from time to time but I’m not keeping them as a “must have” because that weighed me down (no pun intended) and stressed me out. And this is my blog that I don’t get paid for so it certainly shouldn’t be adding to my stress. So no set numbers of post per week and no set post themes. I’m posting about what I need/feel like posting as the moment strikes.

High Five for Friday

This week I’m linking up with Lauren again for H54F.

 photo H54Fbutton-triangle_zps678b65ba.jpg

Crushing my workouts and eating plan this week.


Looking out at this on a Saturday night.


Making running fun!


Loving my time with this lady. Especially because we ate fresh, delicious seafood out on that dock on a beautiful day.


Noticing how much thinner my face is looking after just 4 months.


How has your week been?

It’s OK Thursday

I’m linking up again! Go check out It’s Ok Thursday from Brunch with Amber and A Complete Waste of Make-Up and link up, too!

Its Ok Thursdays

It’s OK….

…to realize it’s ok to take a break from working out sometimes, as long as you start up again.

…to look at your “new” circle of friends and feel your heart warm as you see them getting along and hear all of the laughter.

…to just want to sit on the couch and read a book.

…to be really excited about an upcoming “staycation” with my mom.

…to be addicted to Chobani Flips yogurt. (The peach/pistachio and the cocoloco flavors are amazing!)

…to eat the same dinner every night you cook at home for a week. (Quesadillas are easy!)

…to have an impromptu dance party in your living room while cleaning just because you’re finally home alone.

What’s ok with you? Link up!

It’s OK Thursday

I’m linking up again! Go check out It’s Ok Thursday from Brunch with Amber and A Complete Waste of Make-Up and link up, too!

Its Ok Thursdays

It’s OK….

…to plan your outfits around new jewelry.

…to throw a mini-fit in front of your closet when you have to go back to work after a long weekend.

…to be excited to make quesadillas and cupcakes for those you love to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

…to enjoy spending an evening doing nothing but reading magazines.

…to look forward to reorganizing your apartment to create better storage situations.

…to love seeing family you haven’t seen in over 20 years and seeing how your family looks so much alike.

…to love coming home to surprises from the one you love after a particularly rough day.

What’s ok with you? Link up!

It’s OK Thursday

I’m linking up again! Go check out It’s Ok Thursday from Brunch with Amber and A Complete Waste of Make-Up and link up, too!

Its Ok Thursdays

It’s OK….

…to not be the fastest person, as long as you finish.

…to want to skip all workdays and only want a week made of Saturdays and Sundays.

…to stare at your new muscle tone in the mirror every evening.

…to have your obsession with Cowboy Troy renewed (even if your first obsession was weird to everyone else).

…to let your favorite person help you carry your burdens (literally and figuratively).

…to have 3 calendars you update to keep yourself organized.

…to be excited to have your family welcome you in no matter how late you might get in.

What’s ok with you? Link up!

It’s OK Thursday – A First

Normally I don’t do link-ups but I thought I would do a link-up for It’s Ok Thursday from Brunch with Amber.

Its Ok Thursdays

It’s OK….

 …to want to call in sick when you walk outside and find it sprinkling rain.

…to have someone pick up a bulk pack of roasted seasoned seaweed snacks because you’ve become addicted.

 …to have been patiently waiting on the weekend to get here since Tuesday and be barely able to contain yourself now that it’s Thursday.

…to set a somewhat high limit for how much you’re allowed to spend at an upcoming Clever Container! party.

…to bake cookies a third weekend in a row.

…to continue personal training for the fifth month and love it more each time.

…to be really excited to go see family next weekend but already look forward to getting back home to hug the one you love.

…to look forward to a date night in tomorrow.

…to love watching your friends fall and be in love, especially because you can share in being bit by the love bug.

What’s ok with you? Link up!