My Workouts

These are some of my at-home workouts I’ve developed over time or ones I’ve found online that I really enjoy.

Upper Body Strength

My Upper Body Workout
Fitness Magazine Tone Your Arms in 3 Moves (this is my lunch workout when I’m at the office and want a quick workout)
Fitness Magazine Stronger Arms Fast (get rid of that arm jiggle)
Fitsugar 10 Minute Workout for Sexy Sculpted Arms (after the first triad, your arms will shake)
Kettle Bell Workout
TV- Watching Upper Body Workout

Lower Body Strength

My Lower Body Workout
Self Magazine Dance Your Way Slim
Walking Lunges/Squat Series (part of training session)

Core Strength

Quick Core Circuit

Circuit Training

Cardio Strength Circuit
Pin-Up Workout (Bosu and Kettle Bell)
PT Cardio Circuit Challenge

Bootie/Boot Camp

Bootie Camp-September 2011
Boot Camp – September 2011
Bootie Camp – November 2011
Boot Camp – December 2011
Bootie Camp – January 2012
Boot Camp – January 2012
Bootie Camp – February 2012
Boot Camp – February 2012
Bootie Camp – March 2012
Boot Camp – March 2012
Bootie Camp – April 2012
Boot Camp – April 2012
Bootie Camp – May 2012
Bootie Camp – June 2012
Boot Camp – June 2012
Bootie Camp – July 2012
Boot Camp – July 2012
Boot Camp – August 2012
CCSI – September 2012
CCSII – October 2012
CCSI – November 2012

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