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Whirlwind Life

Life has been a crazy, hectic, mess of wonderfulness lately. What’s been happening?

Last time I posted I was on the fence about starting Weight Watchers again. Well, I did. I lost 19.7 pounds in the first 3 weeks. Yeah…but while that’s awesome. I’m not getting too terribly excited because 1. it was much of what I’d gained back and 2. I know I can’t keep that amount of weight loss up for the long haul. So YAY for losing but keep the expectations lower on how much I’ll lose consistently. I’m also aware that it may fluctuate a lot over the next few weeks because I’m moving soon and it’s a little stressful.

I went on vacation with the fella and his family. We went to Orlando for 5 days and enjoyed pool time with sunshine and warm temps, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, a gangster inspired dinner theater, La Nouba (a Cirque Du Soleil show), laughter, and a lot of delicious vacation food. Fish and chips, amazing steak, fish. And….I was introduced to jaffa tarts.

From the Rose and Crown Pub in Epcot

From the Rose and Crown Pub in Epcot









Seriously, these things are delicious. Orange flavored cake/cream covered in chocolate. I loved them so much that when I saw them on the menu at the Irish pub the next night, I had them again. Kinda ridiculous but I don’t care. They were amazing.

And now we’re back and in the thick of packing so we can move in 2 weeks. Well, less than 2 weeks. I’m slowly freaking out and then K is calming down the crazy until I freak out again. I have so much stuff. It’s major purge time. I’m getting rid of So. Much. Stuff. I’m definitely one of those people who gets anxious about moving/traveling and while I love it, I get really antsy and uncomfortable right before it happens and I just want it over. I don’t mind flying or the airport process per se, but the night before I fly, I’m just thinking, “Ok, I’d like to be on the other side of this now and skip the flying.” I’m not afraid of it, I just get anxious about the process I guess. I’m the same way with moving. But because moving is much larger than flying across country, I’m at the stage 2 weeks prior of just wanting to be moved in and beginning to unpack.

On top of all of these “big” events there’s a lot on the social calendar. K had a birthday this month, a close friend of our’s had a birthday this month that we’re eager to celebrate, we’ve had family events, and we’re expecting my family to come visit shortly after we move. Like I said, it’s been a crazy, hectic, mess of wonderfulness lately.


Monday’s Here Again










Seriously, Monday…get a life. I don’t know about you but as the days stay lighter longer and it warms up (I’ve heard it will one day anyway), the weekends get shorter. I’ve always enjoyed my weekends but since the fella and I started dating over a year ago, I live for my weekends, particularly my Saturdays. He works on Sundays so Saturday is the one day we can have together all day. This past Saturday we definitely had one to remember! K’s birthday is right around the corner and as my gift I bought Capitals hockey tickets for Saturday’s game. I also promised a dinner out at Paladar. So Saturday morning we woke up and had a little lazy time breakfast before heading downtown (in the drizzly rain) to the Caps game. We had a great time, even though they lost. The seats were great and you make your own fun when your team is losing, right? And at least it wasn’t a shutout. Back home to relax for a bit before dressing up and heading out to dinner.

Well, little did K know but I invited about 12 others to join us for dinner. Not only did we surprise him with a large birthday dinner but I managed to get some friends come out who he hadn’t seen in quite some time and I’d never actually met (partial thank you to Facebook). It’s not easy for me to surprise K. He gets a little suspicious but mainly because I’m HORRIBLE at keeping secrets from him. I get excited and I want to share everything with him. But we managed to completely surprise him and had one of the best evenings we’ve had in a while. It was full of friends, family, good food and drinks, and lots and lots of laughter.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my fella smile and my heart just felt full watching him interact with his closest friends. I loved seeing our different walks of life friends interact and get along really well. (But I won’t lie…I’m glad it’s over because I was about to burst with that secret!)

Today the sun is shining after 3 days of rain here in Maryland and a weird freak snow “storm” yesterday afternoon. Honestly, y’all, while nothing stuck, the Facebook posts were hilarious yesterday once everyone started seeing the white stuff fall out of the sky. March has been awful around these parts and I think even the snow lovers are just over it. So the sun is shining and there is promise of temps in the 60s this week. I’m not believing it sticks until I see it.

Happy week ahead!

3 Months

Y’all. It’s 3 months until my half marathon. On one hand that seems so far away still but on the other it seems way too close. Last week I had a stomach bug and there were snow days and I just slacked off the running. I got back to it yesterday and took advantage of the fact that my training plan has 2 weeks that are practically identical. So I ran 5 miles yesterday (indoors) and I got up and ran 3 miles this morning (indoors). I’m hoping to be outdoors by week’s end as tomorrow it should be warming up to near 50 and staying that way for the rest of the week. But the good news is I figured out a rhythm with the treadmill that doesn’t make me want to stab myself in the eye…at least on shorter distances.

I had a lovely weekend full of love. Friday night, the fella brought home take-out from our favorite local Italian place and we had a romantic dinner in before heading out to a comedy club to see Ralphie May. It was a great night and these happened:


They’re perfect, right? Yeah, I think so. 🙂

Saturday was a day spent entirely in the house. We didn’t go outside for anything. We watched movies, napped, watched some tv, and just had time together. Sunday evening we went out to dinner and hit up the grocery store because we’re super exciting like that. But we ended the night on the couch with the newest episode of Walking Dead. Do any of you watch that? You should. So intense and such a well done show.

How was your weekend?


Merry (Day After) Christmas!

Merry (day after) Christmas! I had my first Christmas away from my family and had my first truly cold Christmas. Normally, I’m in south GA but I did that a 2 weeks ago so my Christmas Eve was spent with my fella at my place. We made a gingerbread house, watched Christmas movies (A Christmas Story and It’s a Wonderful Life), ate a lovely lasagna dinner, and reflected on our year.


Christmas morning we were like kids. We only slept until about 7:30 before we were up and ready to open stockings and exchange gifts. Let’s just say, my guy did well. While it’s hard to pick a favorite gift since they’re all perfect for me and I love them all…two presents stand out in my mind. I opened a box that had a pair of running gloves that I wanted. But…then I realized that those running gloves had the bracelet I’d really been wanting placed around the wrist. Totally shocked me because even though I’d asked for the bracelet, I was pretty certain it wasn’t happening.

I also received the beautiful earrings with my birthstone.

I also received the beautiful earrings with my birthstone.

The second present is something that I can’t even tell you how much I will cherish. I’ve always said you have to go through all 4 seasons with someone to really know them and be “sure” of them. (Even though I was certain about K well before the second season we spent together.) Well, he got a 4 picture frame and put a picture we’ve taken from each of the 4 seasons we’ve spent together and wrote in the center “Thank you for the best 4 seasons of my life.” I totally cried. It’s something that embraces what this season and what our love is all about. Nothing can top that. (So, K, if you’re reading this…I changed my mind…that’s totally my favorite gift.)

After we spent a lazy, lovely morning and afternoon together we got out of our PJs and into the car and headed over to have a fantastic Italian dinner with K’s family. We opened more presents and shared a delicious meal and enjoyed each other’s company. We finished our night with a little time reflecting on the day and looking forward to what the next year will bring us. For a Christmas away from home and my family, I sure felt loved and part of K’s family.

Tuesday Tidbits

Since I posted last week a lot has been happening so I’m doing a bulleted/picture update. First the pictures and then the bullets to explain and some extras (without pics).

PicMonkey Collage

  • I got beautiful roses from my special guy.
  • October night skies are one of the most gorgeous things nature can show us.
  • I burned a lot of calories for my last workout last week. I had training followed by Spin. It does a body good.
  • I made delicious healthy pizzas for 2. Flat out bread, pasta sauce, cheese, sliced chicken sausages. Bake. Eat ’em up!
  • Deciding to leave work early on Wednesday and start my vacation was the best idea ever. I treated myself to a mani/pedi. I do pedicures often but I never get manicures. I use my hands too much and I just don’t see the point in spending the money. But I had a special event for the weekend so I figured, why not? That’s OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark. It’s also still holding up really well!
  • Beautiful wedding for my dear friend! It rained “liquid sunshine” but it stopped just in time for the actual ceremony and it was perfect in every way.
  • My calves are finally not sore this morning after a night full of dancing on Friday. Shennanigans ensued the more the liquor flowed.
  • Having white wine and Doritos when one is intoxicated is rather delicious (and classy).
  • We found a great little lunch spot that was actually a dairy farm. We stopped there on Thursday and had ice cream. The very small was anything but. I had chocolate red velvet ice cream. I know!! On Saturday as we were leaving the area, we stopped back for lunch. I got a bowl of fresh fruit, cornbread, a sampling of cheeses, a bowl of soup (half cream of crab, half Maryland crab), and a “very small” ice cream that was half peanut butter and half cookies ‘n’ cream. All of that for less than $9. Steal!

And not pictured.

  • Amish country on Saturday with the fella was a perfect cap to the weekend. Beautiful scenery, delicious snacks, excitement over seeing Amish buggies and a 2-buggy garage. Seriously, the scenery driving up there was gorgeous but my camera just wasn’t doing it justice. We definitely have plans to go back to certain spots after getting such a great preview.
  • I signed up for a half marathon yesterday. It’s not until May so I have plenty of training time and I should be able to train in less harsh weather months. (I’m still processing my craziness.)

Cutting the Sugar

I had quite the birthday week last week! It was also a very special week for me and my fella so there was a lot of fun had and it was full of love!

birthday week

There was a baseball game, a surprise birthday dinner from my friends (organized by my fella), a winery visit, an overnight trip, a downtown DC afternoon, complete with cupcakes! You can see some of the other highlights via my camera phone above. I loved my week and I couldn’t think of a better way to enter my new year!

I noticed after the last week that my body just doesn’t respond well to sugar anymore. At least, super sweet sugar. I can’t eat chocolate the same way for sure. This isn’t a bad thing. I just have to cut back how much I eat and the type I eat I think. It’s good that I noticed it though because it means I’m starting to listen to my body. See, a couple of times last week I had sugar and then just felt ill. Kinda queasy but not really, you know? But after I ate real food, I felt better. After this happening a couple of times, I looked at my eating patterns and realized sugar was the common denominator. So this week I’m starting to cut back on the sugar, which after last week…needs to happen anyway!

I let a tire beat me

It’s been a pretty stressful week. Put that on top of raging hormones and I’m just about beat. This morning after Spin I had a training session. I was excited to finally get outside and do tire flips. My trainer set up a circuit of plank holds, curb jumps, squats, and tire flips. Except she wanted the curb jumps to turn into jumping in and out of the tire after a flip. I tried, y’all. But I could never make myself do it! She let me assess it. She gave me time and she never forced me. She had me jump a million ways to show me I could do it. But every time I faced that tire my mind beat me. I couldn’t do it. Fear. It’s a horrible thing for a workout. I left the gym feeling frustrated with myself but I still wouldn’t give it one last try. I don’t think even if you put that tire in front of me now I’d attempt it. My mind has taken over. I called Kev on the way home. And I let it go and by that I mean I sobbed. All the way home. Almost the entire time I showered and got ready for work.

My trainer says we’ll try it again on Tuesday, weather permitting. I want to beat it. I do. But I don’t know. I’m not good with jumps. You can tell me I can clear it and maybe I can but I can’t make myself believe it. Box jumps scare the hell out of me. Basically put me in a situation where I can trip over what I’m supposed to jump and I can’t do it. I mean, I could, but my mind wins. Every. Time.

So this week beat me down hard. Despite Kev’s best efforts to beat the week back.

These beauties came with chocolate and a note.

These beauties came with chocolate and a note.

These beautiful flowers worked on cheering me up. I looked at them this morning and smiled because not only are they gorgeous but they mean I’m loved. So I’m going to try to focus on that and not that damn tire.

Stressful Week

After a glorious long weekend with my fella, it’s back to the grind this week. And boy is the week grinding (on my nerves)!

Kev and I went down to TN to visit my brother’s family this past weekend. It was a successful first meeting. Everyone loved each other and it made me that much more excited to have more family get togethers with my fella involved. We also had a nice long road trip to be silly, have great talks, and have great jam/dance sessions. I love that guy!

Tuesday I hit the ground running at work. It’s a stressful week around these parts but at least things are going smoothly…they’re just keeping me busy busy. Long hours are being put in but that makes the weekend that much sweeter!

Tuesday night my back was feeling healthy again so the trainer hit me hard with some upper body circuit training. My arms were like jelly when I was done with my half hour! I’m still a little sore today! I was planning to go to Spin last night for some high intensity cardio but it was an unseasonably nice evening yesterday. So my plans changed and I went to have a nice evening with Kev. We had dinner and then took a nice walk down to the park. I wish one of us brought our phone only to take a picture of how awesome the clouds looked at sunset last night. They were pink and the sky looked like a watercolor painting. But, you know, just enjoying life without documenting everything through a camera lens is how it should be done. On our way back home, I was feeling so happy and elated, I did some Prancercising. That lady has a new video, don’t ya know? It came out yesterday or the day before so I was feeling inspired. Until I almost knocked Kev out with my Prancercise box. 🙂

Tomorrow morning I’ll be back at the gym for Spin and training. Rumor has it I’ll be outdoors with the tires and the sled. Oof. Wish me luck!