Book Review: First Comes Love

First Comes Love

I had high hopes for this book. I love Giffin‘s other books and really wanted to like First Comes Love. But…I really didn’t. It followed the accounts of 2 sisters who lost their brother at the beginning of the book. Fast forward 15 years and read how their lives have turned out. Honestly? Not great but it follows their relationship together, with their families, friends, and their own selves to try to turn around. I don’t want to give away spoilers so I’ll focus on the main characters: Meredith and Josie. Neither is all that likeable but if I had to pick, I’d pick Josie. Meredith is cold and skeptical while Josie has a job she excels out and loves that seems very mature yet she’s a mess outside of it. She doesn’t seem to see past herself…even when there’s something/someone staring her in the face to see past herself and her own desires. Meredith on the other hand is skeptical of everyone and plays martyr the whole time.

One could argue their both strong women knowing what they want and going after it but there are strong arguments for seeing them both as broken, selfish, and blame-placing. The book does turn around a little in the end for me but I still look back on it a few days after finishing it being disappointed that the characters were so unlikeable and selfish in the end.

If you like Giffin, I recommend reading it. I’m really hoping it’s set up itself up for a sequel so I can read it and hopefully see the story continue to try and redeem itself.


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