Book Review: A Spool of Blue Thread


I just finished A Spool of Blue Thread last week.It was a slow one to read. The story was interesting but I never really felt like there was a true plot. It wasn’t until about halfway through I realized the plot was the lazy story-telling about the family it follows–The Whitshanks. I don’t mean lazy as in bad, I just mean lazy as a story you’d tell on someone’s front porch, which incidentally a front porch is key in the story. In fact, the house is key as much as the people are. The book follows The Whitshanks and how they became The Whitshanks. It’s an interesting story to see how a family becomes the family they are…all siblings and extended parts of them. You find out the personalities and relationships behind each person and how or why they interact the way they do. It’s relate-able in that everyone has a certain type of person in their family…you know, the know-it-all, the caretaker, the slacker, the hot-head.

While I liked the book, it’s not one I got really drawn into until the end and then I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t more. While broken into parts, it still felt like the story was told backwards and primarily in flashbacks. But the ending was very abrupt. I wish I’d read it as part of a book club because there were discussion questions at the end that really made me want to have someone to talk to about it! So if you read it, let me know so we can talk about that ending.


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