Book Review: I Do It With the Lights On

I’ve been reading like crazy and felt the need to start up this blog again with book reviews of what I’m reading lately. I’ll just pick up with what I’ve just finished:


I watch Thore’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life and while I find her a little high on drama,  unlike some reality shows, I don’t find her fake. Sure, with any reality show recording you can imagine some scenes are set up and situations are probably made more dramatic than they’d normally be but she seems real. So when she announced she had a book coming out, I put it on my “to-read” list. I just finished reading, “I Do It With the Lights On.”

I thought it was a good read. It was an easy read and it details her journey to becoming a fat person. She says she always struggled with her weight and talks about dealing with that in a society that is hard on fat people but especially fat women. She talks about growing up with parents who were incredibly loving and doting but fed her insecurity with her size. I’ve read some books with a similar message but what I liked about this book is she details her journey to really dealing with society and haters (and some lovers) of fat people. I know she still deals with people hating and saying she’s promoting obesity. I think she’s promoting loving herself, no matter what shape (physical, mental, emotional) it’s in. She seems to generally love a person no matter what they have going on with them. She’s a loud person who happens to be fat and unfortunately this brings her a lot of negative attention. I’m sure she (and this book) are not everyone’s cup of tea but I hope people at least look at her message “No Body Shame” and understand it’s important to respect people, whether you agree or like how they look. You never know what someone is dealing with and she points this out in her book. She made me even take a step back and look at how I view others and myself and realize I do a lot of things to appease society’s view of how I look.

Overall, do I say this should be next on your “to-read” list or stack of books? No, but I think it should be on your list somewhere along the line.



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