Not What I Want But What I Need

I’ve been trying to heal up quickly on this sprained ankle. It’s already taken me out of 2 5Ks I had planned for March and it’s been bumming me out. Big time. While I’m making great progress in my healing, it’s not healed. I can’t run on it. I can walk on it…for short periods. Running won’t be happening for at least another week or two. So…after some advice from a friend and my fella, I’ve decided I have to give up on the half marathon happening in May. While I think my ankle would be up for it, overall I’ll have missed too much training time and won’t be able to get back in shape in time for that. I’m not someone who runs all the time so I can’t just jump back and even give up on a PR. I have to just let me body heal. I’m hoping maybe later this year I can sign up for one but for now I’m choosing to focus on healing physically and healing mentally over having to give up on a goal I had. I hate feeling I can’t do something. So I’m not saying no because I want to, I’m saying no because I need to. I can’t take the risk of re-injuring myself. So for now I heal and focus on finding that inner peace with things again.


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