Book Review: As Seen on TV

In January I only finished one book: As Seen on TV by Sarah Mlynowski.



From the publisher:
“Packing up and leaving behind friends and a promising career in Florida to move in with the boyfriend in NYC doesn’t epitomize the modern-day woman. But for 24-year-old Sunny Langstein, the decision is a no-brainer, especially when she is given the chance to star on Party Girls, a new reality-television show. The only catch: Party Girls have to be single. If anyone finds out about Steve, she’ll be off the show. No problem there – Sunny is good at pretending. But TV stardom is addictive, and before long, Sunny loses track of where she ends and her alter ego, Sunny Lang, the Uber Single Superstar, begins. Torn between celebrity and Steve’s unexpected marriage proposal, Sunny finds her life beginning to unravel in dramatic style.”

This was an interesting read. I have to say, I didn’t love the main character even at the end but the plot kept me interested. I don’t like reality TV but this book pokes fun at it and I think shows how things can unravel if you allow yourself to get wrapped up in material things. I gave the book 2 out of 5 stars. I didn’t like it but I didn’t really dislike it either. It was just “ok.” I would say read it if you need something silly and fluffy. It’d probably be a great beach/pool read.


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