Well, folks, it was a gorgeous weekend here in Maryland. We’re talking sunny skies and 60 degree weather. I went for a run Sunday morning. Except I slipped on ice…twice…and I think on the second fall I sprained my ankle. The fella took me to Urgent Care once he got off work yesterday. I did indeed badly sprain my ankle. They don’t see anything broken in my X-rays so they wrapped it up and sent me home with crutches. I’m working at home today so I can ice and elevate it as I need to. I can’t tell you how much this upset me yesterday. I cried all morning because 1. it hurts like mad and 2. I’m really concerned about what this means for my half marathon training. I already have to skip a 5K I was really looking forward to this Saturday and depending on how I heal, I may have to miss another 5K in two weeks. I don’t know if I’ll be up to running within 2 weeks. Walking, sure, but I don’t know about running. It’s already a challenge for me because my right knee is a pain. Well, now, my right ankle is IN pain. Totally bummed out and totally bored with sitting on my tailbone icing this thing. Having to ask for help to get up out of low chairs or help getting moving if I’ve sat for a long time is horrible. I’m very fortunate I’m dating the sweetest man on the planet but I’m sure many of you are like me and hate being or feeling like you’re being a burden. So…here’s hoping for a speedy recovery.


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  1. Aw I’m sorry. I’m just getting over a my very first sprained ankle I’m still not fully healed but oh my god I couldn’t believe how painful it was. I stepped on a icy tree root sticking out of the ground and rolled my foot, it popped and I fell down. I cried like a baby I had to be carried into the house it was ugly. I hope you heal fast hun take care.

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