Push Through

Yesterday after our ice storm it was supposed to warm up to 50 degrees. We didn’t quite make it up that high, but I still managed to get in a run outdoors after work. I had 3 miles to do and my fella had told me when I got back, there would be dinner waiting on me. OK! It was a slow 3 miles but I did it. Not only did I do it, but I pushed myself to actually run the last .9 miles without a break. They say the first mile is the hardest and they aren’t joking! I finally got my body on board that this was happening whether it liked it or not and I ran. I kept seeing that I was close to another round milestone.

“C’mon, you’ve run to 1.20, you can run to 1.25.”
“C’mon, there’s a hill, you can run DOWN hill.”
“C’mon, run to 1.75 and you can walk .1 mile.”


So I ran much of mile 2 and almost all of mile 3. Some of what helped me push even though I knew I was slow? I was one of the few people outside actually exercising. There were a few little old ladies walking their dogs, there were some people walking home from work, but I was out there for fitness. So yeah, I was slow, but I was out there working on it!

And, as promised, when I got home K had a small appetizer just for me! Multigrain Tostitos with goat cheese and guac. (Just a few.) Then it was time for dinner. He made me a PSPSP–Pesto Shrimp Provolone Spinach Pizza. Does this guy know me or what? Those are like all my favorite things and it was a relatively healthy meal. I think he loves me and I think I’ll keep him around.



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  1. That’s such a nice way to come home! 🙂 Good for you on the run, too, that’s awesome.

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