It’s time

Well, hello. Long time no talk. Truth be told I’ve been quite a busy bee. After Christmas K and I were quite busy with social events such as Capitals hockey tickets, seeing friends and family, (, hiss), and oh yeah…we went to NYC for a whirlwind trip this past weekend. We’ve got a lot of fun stuff coming up in the next 4 months and most of that has been planned in the last 2 weeks so we were busy planning, too, I guess. But now…it’s time to settle a bit and get serious about this half marathon training. Over the last few weeks I’ve done some light cardio but probably more in the way of strength. I quit my gym and trainer. I know. I’m not fully ok with it yet because you know I loved both but it just doesn’t work with my new commute. Well, sure, I could make it work if I want to run myself ragged and set myself up for failure. So with the idea that I need to run a lot in the next 4 months, I quit them but I’ve started building my own little home gym. The idea will be that once K and I move in April or May we’re going to use the spare room for a gym area…so our guests can workout, too! 🙂

So I’ve bought a 15 lb. kettlebell, a Bosu trainer (after a sale at Target twisted my arm), and I have intentions to buy some resistance bands and more kettlebells once I build up a little more. I’ve also been working on a plank and push-up challenge. I have to say I just completed 3 days of 90 second planks. Not. A. Fan. Today it jumps to 120 seconds. Really? The push-ups are too bad though. They’ve been slowly increasing by 1 or 2 a day and right now I’m only at 18 for the day. I set an alarm in the evening to do them just in case I haven’t gotten around to them yet. Helpful yet a dreadful reminder at 7:15p.

So…I’m over my break and I hope to get back to sharing all the fun things that are happening along with my training progress. I’m a little nervous but I’m excited about it at the same time. Until next time…


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