Merry (Day After) Christmas!

Merry (day after) Christmas! I had my first Christmas away from my family and had my first truly cold Christmas. Normally, I’m in south GA but I did that a 2 weeks ago so my Christmas Eve was spent with my fella at my place. We made a gingerbread house, watched Christmas movies (A Christmas Story and It’s a Wonderful Life), ate a lovely lasagna dinner, and reflected on our year.


Christmas morning we were like kids. We only slept until about 7:30 before we were up and ready to open stockings and exchange gifts. Let’s just say, my guy did well. While it’s hard to pick a favorite gift since they’re all perfect for me and I love them all…two presents stand out in my mind. I opened a box that had a pair of running gloves that I wanted. But…then I realized that those running gloves had the bracelet I’d really been wanting placed around the wrist. Totally shocked me because even though I’d asked for the bracelet, I was pretty certain it wasn’t happening.

I also received the beautiful earrings with my birthstone.

I also received the beautiful earrings with my birthstone.

The second present is something that I can’t even tell you how much I will cherish. I’ve always said you have to go through all 4 seasons with someone to really know them and be “sure” of them. (Even though I was certain about K well before the second season we spent together.) Well, he got a 4 picture frame and put a picture we’ve taken from each of the 4 seasons we’ve spent together and wrote in the center “Thank you for the best 4 seasons of my life.” I totally cried. It’s something that embraces what this season and what our love is all about. Nothing can top that. (So, K, if you’re reading this…I changed my mind…that’s totally my favorite gift.)

After we spent a lazy, lovely morning and afternoon together we got out of our PJs and into the car and headed over to have a fantastic Italian dinner with K’s family. We opened more presents and shared a delicious meal and enjoyed each other’s company. We finished our night with a little time reflecting on the day and looking forward to what the next year will bring us. For a Christmas away from home and my family, I sure felt loved and part of K’s family.


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