What a Workout! (and a smoothie)

My trainer is forever keeping my workouts different and exciting. She knows what type of workout I prefer (cardio circuits) and tries to sneak those in on occasion when I’m needing more than some strength. Yesterday afternoon she texted me asking me if I wanted my butt kicking workout that night or Friday morning. Um? Great. So I opted for last night because Friday morning I train after Spin and I’m half dead. Thank goodness I chose that option. I would’ve been on the floor to stay if I did it after Spin!

It was 3 circuits of 3 exercises. I did each circuit for 7 minutes seeing how many rounds I could do. The idea is that you can see your improvement over time so I’ll be doing it again in a couple of weeks. Plus, the workout FLEW by since you only take a 1-2 minute break in between circuits.

Circuit 1:
10 push-ups
20 walking lunges
30 jump ropes (I didn’t actually use a jump rope)

Circuit 2:
5 burpees
10 barbell chest presses
15 sit ups/roll ups (knees can be bent or extended)

Circuit 3:
15 squat pulses
10 jumping jacks
5 TRX pull ups

It may be you can’t do some of them depending on your access to equipment but you get the idea of what muscle groups are working and could switch out. I thought my abs were gonna give out on the last set of roll ups. I ended up doing 4 rounds of the first 2 circuits and 8 of the last one. So that breaks down to:

40 push-ups
80 walking lunges
120 jump ropes

20 burpees
40 barbell chest presses
60 roll ups (dying)

120 squat pulses
80 jumping jacks
40 TRX pull ups

All in a half hour’s time.

In other news, this morning I decided I’d try a pumpkin pie shake as part of my breakfast. Last night I froze pure pumpkin in ice cube trays so I could just pop out a couple for smoothies. This is what went in to the delicious breakfast treat:

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie
1 c unsweetned vanilla almond milk
2 Tbsp frozen pumpkin (use more if you want it thicker)
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
pumpkin pie spice

Blend it all up!


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