Mental Block or Mental Crackdown?

I’m studying for a professional certification for my job. It’s an intense experience and rather difficult, particularly for someone who hasn’t studied in over 7 years. The plan was for me to take a mock-exam this morning but yesterday I decided there was no way I was ready. Well, this morning I woke up and decided I would take it but I would use a cheat sheet of things I should know by the test…just like I did in the course I took a few weeks ago. Well, I took the test and didn’t perform as well as I wanted (but better than I thought I would as I was taking the test). The good news is I discovered a lot of areas I need to work on in my studying. So I’m bummed out by the amount of work ahead of me but I feel more focused.

Well, I had a few hours before needing to get ready for my plans later this afternoon. So I decided, why not go for a run? Well, I laced up my shoes and out I go. I got shin splints FAST. I realized I’d be walking more than running but my head got in control and I started feeling down about the test, I started feeling down that I couldn’t run, I started getting in my head about every little thing I get bothered by about myself. So instead of pushing through, I turned around and came home. This, of course, made me feel worst initially but I eventually worked it out in my head that maybe it was my head saying, “Take a break.” Maybe it wasn’t and it’s just me justifying giving up but I do believe sometimes our heads say, “That’s enough. Give up now and start fresh later.” I also believe that sometimes you have to push through the pain, through the hurt, through the frustration, through the negative talk. Regardless of what I was supposed to do today, I gave up. The only way I can be ok with that decision is to not let it result in a downward spiral of beating myself up for giving up. Otherwise, it truly is giving up and not just taking a break.

What do you do when your head gets the best of you? Push through or give in?


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