When an Instructor Doesn’t Suit You

Y’all may know I love my Spin class. I try to go every Wednesday evening and every Friday morning. Last week my gym began offering a Monday morning class. The instructor is one we’ve had as a sub for a few of the regular classes. I don’t love her but I don’t hate her either. This morning I was able to go to the class for the first time. I have to say….I didn’t really get my normal Spin workout. Sure, she followed a lot of the same moves and her playlist was great but…I wasn’t super sweaty. I didn’t really care for the fact that she still seems a little….stand-offish…and not in an “I’m an introvert” way. Now, I can’t really say it was all her that I didn’t get a good sweat session in. The room was cold, which probably prohibited my normal sweat fest. My pedal cages were too short or something so it was making my feet weird when I stood. I should’ve taken the time to get a new bike but I didn’t want to cut into my time and I really thought it would get better. Plus, one of the other class members was having some issues. I don’t know if she was dizzy or what but she clearly was not feeling well so she kept getting off/on the bike to rest and it was distracting me. So while other factors played into my lack of sweat, I think the instructor isn’t a great fit for me. However….should that matter? Yes, it’s nice to have a high energy Spin instructor, but it is one of those classes where I get out what I put in. Many times I’ve zoned myself in and pushed harder than what was “required” so should the fact that she’s not the best matter?



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