Guess what day it is?

It’s hump dAAAAAAAAAy! Really, does the camel ever get old? No.

So I’ve been trucking along the last few days getting back on track with healthier eating and back into my workout routine. I spent a lovely Friday night and Saturday afternoon out with the fella. Saturday night it was out on the town for a dear friend’s bachelorette party and then Sunday? Sunday was full of couch time. I caught up on DVR, watched football, napped, and just hung out with my guy. It was a splendid weekend where you look back on it and say, “Man, I love my life.” Then, the government shut down. Now, fortunately we’ve determined this doesn’t impact my job (for now). But I’m so saddened by it and my heart goes out to those that are directly and immediately impacted. Shame on the government. Not a good way to set an example they claim they want to set. But I do believe my country will perservere because it’s amazing full of amazing people. Ok, off the political soapbox.

I have such a fun October planned. My dear friend from above? Well, she’s getting married next Friday night so off to celebrate that next weekend. Then I’m going to take the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam prep course later in the month followed by the Clemson/MD game for the last weekend. October is my favorite month so I’m excited for the already planned things and for the things that will happen that have yet to be seen!


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