A couple of Saturdays ago after the NFL 5K, my guy and I went apple pickin’!


We have a lot of apples. Or should I say “had.” I’ve been an apple cooking queen this week! I made homemade applesauce, applesauce cookies, apple cake, and apple pie pockets.

You need to make these recipes immediately. No really. If you make that applesauce, you’ll never buy applesauce again. Ever. It’s way too easy. Plus it makes your house smell amazing.


I don’t have pictures of the cookies because they’re not very photogenic. But let me tell you….they’re like snickerdoodles with an apple flavor. It’s not overwhelming.

The Apple Cake is delicious! I actually made it as a loaf so I had to cook it longer than the recipe that is linked calls for. It was super easy to pull together and quite delicious.


As far as the Apple Pie Pockets I followed the recipe linked above but I added a dollop of caramel dip to the top of the apple mixture before sealing up the pies. I’d also recommend dipping the pies in caramel dip as you eat them. Yum yum.

Apple picking (and baking) seems to have re-energized my desire to bake. We bought Pumpkin Spice M&Ms that weekend. They’re ok to eat but not great. However, I think they’re be fantastic in some cookies I made over this past weekend! That recipe is to come!


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