Learning to Live with a Rest Day

The last couple of weeks I’ve felt a little soreness in my right gluteus minimus. I’ve been paying attention to it but probably not as much as I should. Well, Tuesday at PT, I did some one legged squats. Clearly, that was not smart. Tuesday night I was rolling around on the couch and floor in some major pain. I pulled that muscle. It was a bit swollen and Tuesday night into Wednesday afternoon I was in barely walkable kind of pain. It’s still sore and I’m still treating it nicely but I’m back to working out on it. I hate injuries. They force an unplanned rest day. See, I planned my rest day for Thursday. This injury forced Wednesday and Thursday to be rest days. I also had to take it easy this morning. We had to cut out glute work in PT and I had to resist too much standing and adding too much resistance in Spin.

I have a hard time with unplanned rest days. I appreciate a rest day and I understand the importance, but I don’t like having my plans knocked out of whack. I don’t like knowing I need to step it up on Sunday to make up for missing Wednesday. I don’t like feeling guilty when I’m not working out. But…clearly my body demanded rest. I’m so entrenched in my routine that when my weekday evening Monday through Wednesday doesn’t include the gym, I feel major guilt. That’s great for meeting planned workouts, not so great when I have to rest unexpectedly. I have to learn to appreciate a rest day even when it isn’t planned. I have to learn to embrace a workout on a day I don’t normally (or want) to exercise.


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