Fitness Friday: Redskins Run!

Last Saturday, my guy and I ran a 5K as part of the NFL kick-off series. We ran at FedEx Field for the Redskins.


I didn’t really train in terms of running before I went in to it. I’d trained cardiovascularly but not for running. I, in fact, hate running. One of my dear friends once asked me if something was “chasing” me in response to hearing that I ran at one point. (She would’ve been right at the time.)

Well, I wanted to hit 45 minutes to finish the 5K. That’s not fast. I know that. But for me…that’s like a damn jack rabbit. Well, I’m happy to report that I finished in 48:41. So I averaged just over a 15 minute mile. I’ll take it! It was a hilly course. I ran almost the entire last 1.1 miles. I learned a few things from that run.

1. I can run. I told my trainer yesterday that I might one day be a runner. She said, “Um, you ran almost a whole 5K…that makes you a runner now.” Point taken.
2. I can push myself to work harder. The last 5K I did I had others making me run. This time it was just me. I pushed myself. And I think I did pretty darn good at it.
3. I don’t need to worry about what other people are thinking when I run or when I walk. I’m doing something for my own health. If they want to naysay, go ahead. If they want to cheer me on, please go ahead. God knows I’m not always my own cheerleader so I need someone to do it for me sometimes.
4. Pull the desire to work harder from wherever I can get it. Even if it is because I just want to get as far away from the annoying woman with the stroller who is keeping pace with me. 😉



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  1. So proud of you! And yes you are a runner now 🙂

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