Fitness Friday

Well, this week I crammed all of my real activity into the last 4 days. I went to Spin Wednesday night and this morning. I went to PT last night and this morning. (I have a 5K tomorrow morning.) In preparation for the 5K, I requested my trainer not do legs this morning. So she had a serious leg workout for me last night and a upper body workout for me this morning paying special attention to bis and tris. Let me tell you a little bit about the legs last night.

She got me in the leg press machine but then had me turn on my right hip (almost like I was going to sleep) and put my left foot up on the pad at a diagonal but so my knee was still in line with my ankle/toes. Then I pressed with just that foot at that angle. Um…serious isolation of the glute. (If you do the glute stretch where you cross your foot over the opposite knee and pull towards your chest…that muscle you feel pull in your hip/glute? That’s what I worked.) This morning at Spin I didn’t feel it but I can tell I’m starting to feel that little pain. I debated on whether Spin would be a good idea since I’ve got the 5K but my trainer and I figured I’d be better off if I did Spin to shake my legs out some from last night.

This morning we started with Bosu ball/core work. High to low planks on the Bosu with low plank holds on the Bosu in between. Then it was off to tricep/back work on the machines. Followed by overhead tricep dips and bicep curls. Then we closed with some core work (dead bugs and double leg lifts).


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