Have any of you tried Spinning? If not and you’re looking for a serious cardio burn, go find your nearest class!


That calorie burn up there? That’s standard for me in a 45 minute Spin class. I can get close to 900 if I do my hour Spin class.

I started by taking a one hour class at 5:30a on Friday mornings. The first couple of classes were tough, really tough, but I wanted more. So I kept going. After getting the hang of it and seeing how many calories I burn, I started going to Wednesday night classes. Those are typically only 45 minutes (only, ha!) but the teachers for Wednesday nights and Friday mornings are different. There have been times I’ve burned just as many calories in the 45 minute session as I do in a one hour session. After going to both of these classes for a while, I’ve figured out what each teacher seems to like the most. One likes “speed bumps” (you pull yourself up out of the saddle and sit back down over and over for either number of reps or number of seconds), one likes standing “sprints” (pedal as fast as you can for a number of seconds). One likes crazy big hills right away, one likes incorporating push-ups on the handlebars while cycling. One likes single leg pedaling, one likes to stand and then sinking down with your knees. I like it all although I have to watch some of the stuff that’s harder on my knee. Generally, Spin isn’t too bad on my knee (I have an issue with my right knee) but I have to be careful how much strain I put on it or the muscles surrounding it.

One thing I love most about Spin is the music. Of all of the classes I’ve taken, Spin playlists are by far the best. Maybe it’s because both of my teachers choose more old school music more often than not, maybe it’s because it’s truly best when you have upbeat music, or maybe because pushing myself in Spin really allows me to focus in on the music to push harder. Whatever the reason, a Spin playlist can make me work harder and push for those last 10 seconds.

Except, last night we just had to push for 10 more seconds in our last “working” song (the last song is the cool down). We were climbing a big hill and were getting close to maxing out our tension on the bike. I was pushing and pulling hard on those pedals to not have my pedals stop. But the last 5 seconds, I reached my limit. My legs couldn’t push or pull anymore. My feet stopped dead in my pedaling. I had to sit and reduce my tension before my legs would move again. That’s only happened to me one other time but I almost feel ok when it does happen. It means I really pushed myself to my limit.

I took my Spin class last night and I’m already looking forward to that early Friday morning wake-up call for my next one!

What’s your favorite high calorie burn exercise?


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  1. Great Job! I’m all in with cycling and yoga. 🙂

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