Fitness Friday

I figured I’d bring back Fitness Friday. It’s been too long and it’s been a week of pushing myself at the gym.

During last night’s training, we ended with a quick hill interval on the treadmill. I didn’t die, but I thought I might have a heart attack at the end. Seriously. It started with a 30 second warm-up at 3.5 speed, where I stayed the entire time, with no incline. Then from 1:30 to 3:30 I increased my incline from 4 to 6 to 9 to 12, increasing every 30 seconds. Then back down to 4 and hop off for tricep work. Back on at incline 4 and up to 3.5 speed. After 15 seconds I went up to incline 7 to 9 to 12 to 15 (every 30 seconds there was an increase). At 15 I kept one hand on for most of the climb but took them off for the last 5 seconds. Oh my heavens. Quickly back down to flat surface, catch my breath, and finish tricep work. I’m pretty sure my HR monitor would’ve registered nothing but it wasn’t working properly because I was so sweaty (it’s bandless and I wear the sensor on my wrist). It was a TOUGH workout yesterday because I also did some bench presses with the bar and an extra 20 pounds. I was hurting but I felt accomplished.


Fast-forward to this morning where I started with a one hour Spin class and finished with 30 minutes of training. I pushed myself hard in Spin. My quads were on fire quickly into the workout. But I needed it. Then I went outside for training. I pushed the sled, I flipped tires. I tried jumping in the tire and it wasn’t happening. I did manage to jump on it 3 times. But I wasn’t loving how my attempts turned out. There’s always the next time.


I did do more than I thought I was capable of this week but I didn’t do everything I know I can do. I didn’t know I could do 30 seconds at an incline of 15 at 3.5 speed. I didn’t know I could bench press a total of 60ish pounds (bar plus weights). I know I can jump in that damn tire, I just need to get my brain to catch up.


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