Squats, push-ups, and measurements

Well, I did it. I finished the 30-day squat challenge. It started on July 1 with 50 squats in a day and gradually built up to 250 squats in a day yesterday. Since yesterday was a training day I asked my trainer if we could do some so I’d save some throughout the day. So when I got to my training session I had 150 squats left to do. I did them all in my session. She had me do a circuit workout yesterday and in sets 2 and 3 there were various squats added in to total 80. So that meant I had 70 left. She said if I could do 70 squat pulses in a row, she’d consider them done. Done! Um…except that by squat pulse number 40 I thought I would die. And by squat pulse 50 I felt like someone was holding hire to my quads. Holy moly! But I did it!! I took measurements on July 1 and then again last night. I saw a change!

Waist – down half an inch since July 1 (down 5.5 inches since Jan. 9)
Hips – down half an inch since July 1 (down 3 inches since Jan. 9)
Thighs – no change since July 1 (down half an inch since Jan. 9)

I think thighs are a slow progression for me because I have a very strong lower body and there is a lot of muscle there for me. But there’s definitely improvements I can make still.

So for August, my fellow blogger and great friend, LindyC, are doing a push-up challenge. It starts with 10 push-ups in a day and works up to 50 by August 30. The important thing I’m working on this month is depth. I’ve been working with my trainer to get the depth in my push-ups so I do them on a low bar that I’ve slowly progressed to. Getting my chest down to that bar is key. By the end of the month I’d like to be chest on the low weight bench or half the depth of a standard push-up on the floor. Consistently. Not once. Consistently. So if you can’t do a push-up on the floor with good form (your hips should drop), use a bar in the gym, your bathroom counter, even the wall. Just make sure your back stays in an even line and your hips drop. Don’t let your butt pike up when you push yourself back up.


Join us! Take measurements of your arms and bust (and other places if you’d like) today or tomorrow and then again on August 31. See the change you made in your body just like I saw changes from squats!

Other measurement changes since Jan. 9 (since it’s been 6 months since I started training):

Neck – down 3.5 inches
Calves – down half an inch
Bust – down 3 inches
Arms – down 2 inches

So we’ll see what the push-up challenge does for my measurements. But more importantly, we’ll see what it does for my push-up progress!



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