Stressful Week

After a glorious long weekend with my fella, it’s back to the grind this week. And boy is the week grinding (on my nerves)!

Kev and I went down to TN to visit my brother’s family this past weekend. It was a successful first meeting. Everyone loved each other and it made me that much more excited to have more family get togethers with my fella involved. We also had a nice long road trip to be silly, have great talks, and have great jam/dance sessions. I love that guy!

Tuesday I hit the ground running at work. It’s a stressful week around these parts but at least things are going smoothly…they’re just keeping me busy busy. Long hours are being put in but that makes the weekend that much sweeter!

Tuesday night my back was feeling healthy again so the trainer hit me hard with some upper body circuit training. My arms were like jelly when I was done with my half hour! I’m still a little sore today! I was planning to go to Spin last night for some high intensity cardio but it was an unseasonably nice evening yesterday. So my plans changed and I went to have a nice evening with Kev. We had dinner and then took a nice walk down to the park. I wish one of us brought our phone only to take a picture of how awesome the clouds looked at sunset last night. They were pink and the sky looked like a watercolor painting. But, you know, just enjoying life without documenting everything through a camera lens is how it should be done. On our way back home, I was feeling so happy and elated, I did some Prancercising. That lady has a new video, don’t ya know? It came out yesterday or the day before so I was feeling inspired. Until I almost knocked Kev out with my Prancercise box. 🙂

Tomorrow morning I’ll be back at the gym for Spin and training. Rumor has it I’ll be outdoors with the tires and the sled. Oof. Wish me luck!


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