30 Day Squat Challenge (and looking for another)

So…my trainer initiated a 30 day squat challenge that began on July 1. It started with 50 squats a day, by the end we’ll be doing 250 squats on Day 30. Ow. I love squats. I really do. They suck. But they’re fantastic and I truly love what they do for my body. So it’s no joke when I say I’m on Day 10, only 50 squats into my 105 for the day and I want to be done with this challenge. Maybe if I was only doing squats, it wouldn’t be so bad. But I also workout 3-4 days a week and those workouts usually incorporate squats. Like yesterday…I had done my 100 squats for the day and then did 30 more in training. I could should have saved some for training but I’m stubborn and task oriented. But I guarantee as we get further along I’m going to be saving some for workouts. Currently I’m torn as to whether I should do my remaining 55 or try to knock out some that will surely come in Zumba toning tonight. Decisions. Decisions.

I did a similar challenge in January but it didn’t start off quite so ambitious. 🙂

If you’re curious about the one I’m following this month, this is the challenge plan:


As much as this is hurting me today, I know I’ll feel accomplished at the end. Hopefully, I’ll see results. My trainer did official before mesaurements and she’ll take them again on Day 30. So because of this good burn I feel in my quads and glutes, I’m thinking about a challenge for August. I’m thinking an ab challenge. I’ve done some searching and I think I found the one I want to do but still looking. More on that later if it happens. 🙂

Have you ever done a challenge like this? What was it and how did it go?


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