Motivation Monday


Saturday I had plans to go to Spin first thing in the morning. But my mind just wasn’t with me. I had a small “moment.” But I quickly recovered and decided I was taking Saturday (and to some extent Sunday) to remember to enjoy life. I spend most of days being a slave to workouts and how many calories, carbs, and protein I’m taking in. Even on the days that I slip and have something not great, I beat myself up over it. I don’t even enjoy it. So Saturday I didn’t work out and ate what I wanted. Yes, it’ll have some consequences, but I enjoyed my day and my life. Health and fitness isn’t just about your physical body and well-being, it’s about your mental well-being, too. Remember that.

And I have to say, my life is pretty darn perfect. That picture of the sunset up there? I took that Saturday night after finishing a delicious dinner with my guy. I have people who love me no matter what and I have the fortune to live close enough to water to have views like that in less than a hour from my house. Life ain’t bad.


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