Some of My Favorite Things: April

I had plans for a completely different set of favorite things this month but the last weekend in April I went to MerleFest, which is a bluegrass festival in Wilkes County, NC. I spent two days looking at jewelry, local foods, and listening/dancing to some of the best music I’ve heard in a long while. So this post is dedicated to my new finds that I don’t know how I lived without.

collection of leather web


Let’s talk about this beautiful jewelry by Isabella Glass for a second. My aunt has worn this stuff for years and we came across her booth. I bought 3 different things. Then I found out she’s actually located in Maryland and will be at Wine in the Woods in a few weeks, which is my hometown festival that I’m planning on going to this year. I get paid…twice…before that festival. Dear Bank Account, I’m sorry.

The music! Oh my, the music.

The Black Lillies

The Black Lillies

The Black Lillies band is amazing. I heard them on one stage on Friday afternoon and immediately looked up to see when I could hear them again. Just gorgeous music!

Delta Rae

Delta Rae

I actually overheard Delta Rae playing while I was eating lunch on Friday. I made a point of going to see their performance on Saturday. Boy, am I glad I did. The vocals were out of this world and the way they performed was so unique and cool. I ran to the music tent after their performance to snap up their CD for sure.



I can’t say enough about this band–Scythian. My family got me into them. I listened to them perform 4 times while I was at MerleFest. But my favorite time listening to them by far was in the Dance Tent on Friday night. There was jumping, dancing, bouncing, and singing. They’re amazingly talented and you can’t help but dance (or at least bounce) when you hear them. They have great energy and get the crowd so involved. I love them!

All of these bands gave me great music to listen to on my drive home. And I have beautiful jewelry to wear for years to come.


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