Tracking Calories In/Out

So most of you know that I track calories in and out over on MyFitnessPal. Well, lately, I’ve grown bored doing it every week day so I end up not tracking on weekends when I need it most. I tried this past week to not track a couple of days during the week but I have a hard time not tracking. Or I’ll start and then remember I wasn’t going to that day. But again, by the weekend, I was sick of it. I thought this morning I wouldn’t track all this week but I was tracking this morning. And now I have a hard time not finishing out the day when it’s going well. Does that make sense?

I’m a planner by nature. I need to know what I’m taking in for the day (or have a good idea), otherwise, I don’t do well with eating. So what do I do? Tracking works but only for so long. Planning works, as long as a wrench isn’t thrown into my plans. How do I get better without tracking some days and just make better choices on a more consistent basis? Any ideas or suggestions? I’m all ears!


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