Wednesday Words


I like this thought. It applies to so much, in my opinion. Lately my life has been full of changes, personally and professionally. I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting over the past year. Coming in to 2013, I had a feeling it would be a fresh year and start for me. So far, 2013 has been amazing. I’ve got a new outlook on my health and fitness. I’ve been spending a lot of time with someone special. I’ve been going through some (positive) growing pains professionally. I feel like things are going well. But honestly? I wouldn’t feel like they were or maybe some of them wouldn’t even be realities if I didn’t embrace the words you see above. Your past is your past. You should learn from it. You should grow from it. Yes, sometimes your past is horrible, but it’s how you handle it that makes you who you are. So I’m choosing to remember my past should make me better, not bitter.


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  1. Great outlook. Glad things are going so well. 🙂

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