Fitness Friday: Toddler Steps

Well, it’s finally Friday! I was in Seattle Monday through Wednesday so my week feels a little off but I’m definitely ready for my weekend!

I trained last night (upper body) and this morning (lower body). After my training session and before my Barre Fusion class, I had a heart to heart with my trainer. The past few weeks I’ve been losing and gaining the same two pounds. My body isn’t making the same changes. So it’s time for me to force it to change. I have to make changes to my eating and my exercise. The “easy” part first–exercise. I have to get either 30 minutes of “hard to carry on conversation” cardio 5 days a week or 45-60 minutes of “hard to carry on conversation” cardio 3-4 days a week. That’s doable but it’s a bit of a change. My cardio has to be pumped up for sure. My Zumba class is ok, my Zumba toning class won’t count as cardio anymore. I need to get to the cardio circuit classes when I can. And I need to pump up my treadmill work and make my own cardio circuits. Good news for the blog (and hopefully you) is that means I’ll have cardio circuit workouts to post.

The not so easy part–diet. I’m allowed just under 1400 calories a day according to Myfitnesspal (MFP) and typically I eat 1200-1300 calories. I rarely eat my exercise calories. Well, I do ok calorie wise. It’s now time for me to look at where my calories come from. The MFP app on my phone shows me daily/weekly percentages of carbs, protein, and fat as well as daily/weekly summaries of my complete nutrition by grams. I have to start watching those. My trainer explained the percentages for carbs, protein, and fat are good for maintenance mode but not loss. So she gave me the percentages and the grams I should be eating each day for carbs, protein, fat, and sugar. It’s not going to be easy but I knew it was coming. I knew that my body would reach a point where just reducing the amount of food and making some swaps wouldn’t be enough. Some days I have perfect days but I have to aim to have 5 really good days and 2 mostly good days each week for the time being. Baby steps but now I guess it’s time for toddler steps.

So for the next couple of weeks while I finish up work travel, I’m going to work on figuring out swaps and trying to make better decisions. I’m going to work on taking time on Saturdays to plan food and workouts for the next week. It’s time to go to the next level.


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