Motivation Monday

Oh do I need some motivation this Monday! I had a weekend full of too many calories and WAY too much sugar. I think I know what’s going on, I just didn’t resist very well.

I feel like I’ve been wavering a bit lately. I don’t think it’s because I’m ready to give up. I think it’s just because I’m tired. And I think I’m fooling myself. I’m fooling myself into thinking “I got this.” I don’t. I’m making good progress but I wouldn’t say I have the hang of it. I’m still battling cravings frequently and I’m still struggling to make the right decisions.

But I can say my brain is at least handling my slip-ups better and I think I’m having fewer slip-ups and I think when I have a slip-up they’re not quite as disastrous as they once were. So I’m trying to focus on the success I am having not just in terms of loss but in terms of how I’m eating.

How do you keep yourself motivated?



One response

  1. I think what you said about your slipups being less frequent and handling them better is such a huge thing to recognize. It’s so easy to beat yourself up for going off course, but it’s good to have that perspective…that before, you would have done more, or done it again, or let it hold you back. Good thing to remember during the difficult times!

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