These Are Some of My Favorite Things: February

It’s time for some of my favorite things! I’m focusing on fitness this month.



The Fitbit. Y’all know how I feel about this thing. I love it! This little tracker lets me know my flight of stairs climbed, steps taken, calories burned, miles, activity level. Plus it links up with MyFitnessPal, making it that much easier to see how I’m doing (in both places)!

Mio Heart Rate Monitor

Mio Heart Rate Monitor

This little thing, is my latest gadget. It’s a heart rate monitor…that doesn’t require a band. Really. All I have to do is wear it. The buttons on the side and the sensors under the watch read my heart rate. It’s pretty accurate, too. I like it because it let’s me know how I’m doing when I’m working out. The treadmills aren’t accurate but I like knowing if even some of lower intensity classes (like Barre) are good for fat burning. They aren’t as good as Zumba, obviously, but they get my heart rate up there.

Reebok Realflex

Reebok Realflex

My beloved pink shoes. They’re so lightweight and they move with my foot instead of forcing my foot to move with them. I actually love the function of them so much, I have a similar pair in gray with neon green soles that I love just as much. Ok, maybe not just as much because they aren’t pink. But functionally, I love them as much.

Sorry for the short list of faves this much but they are definitely some of my most used items that I own.


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  1. I’ve been wanting to get a heart rate monitor, but I didn’t want a band. Will have to check that one out!

    1. They have a lot of different kinds under that brand so you can somewhat “customize” what you’re looking for out of it, too.

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