Fitness Friday

So before I get into my Fitness Friday…I’m sharing what happened this morning when I stepped on the scale at 5:30am.


Yeah, I lost 6.3 pounds this week. WHAT?! I have no idea what I did. I’ve never had this happen. That’s like Biggest Loser style to me. Of course, no one was awake for me to brag to. So when I saw my trainer at the gym this morning, I attacked her. She was super excited but even she said, “Wait, 6.3 pounds this week?” Yeah. She thinks it’s likely because of

1. I’m in week 5 and my body is rockin’ and rollin’ and figured out what I want it to do.
2. I’ve been really good about my food this week in terms of calories. I also ate out less, which means my sodium was down. I was also watching my sodium intake a fair bit this week, too.
3. I’m getting more efficient in my workouts.

So speaking of my workouts. They’ve been good lately. My training sessions I’ve left feeling strong. I feel like even when I’m not being watched, my form is improving. I started using TRX bands this week to do ab rollouts. I’m going to have to work on those but today was better than Monday so that’s something. My upper body (particularly triceps) still fatigue pretty easily but it’ll get better. I actually skipped working out Wednesday and Thursday this week. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that but it felt good. I was able to watch my food intake and not feel too deprived. I think it actually did my muscles some good to rest a little. However, I’m super excited to see that my gym has switched up the class offerings a little. They’re adding a 3 cardio classes throughout the week, and my kickboxing class is switching to a “Resistaball Workout” for 30 minutes and a Cardio Circuit for 30 minutes. The resistaball will be with stability balls. I’m excited to try those out on Tuesday. Some of the cardio classes are happening when I normally train, so I might actually consider a 5:30am class. Oh the horrors! It has it’s pros and cons so we shall see if I can actually make myself get up for that.

Happy (Fitness) Friday!


2 responses

  1. Holy crap, that is amazing! 😮 Congrats!

    1. Thank you! I’m still sort of in shock about it myself. 🙂

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