Fitness Friday

Well, I’ve had 2 weeks of personal training now. I have to say, I’m starting to notice a difference. Yes, after just 5 sessions. My trainer has me doing a lot of “basic” movements that teach me proper form. These basic movements are killing me but they’re good. I notice it most in my core and in my push-up ability.

Every session I’ve had to plank holds on the stability ball (either forearm or straight arm) and ab roll outs also on the stability ball. I don’t like either of those but they work. She’s explained that they help teach me proper form and how to correct my self. They teach me what it means and where I should feel it when she says to “tighten my core” or “squeeze my glutes” or “drop/square your hips.” (Your glutes are part of your core, BTW.) But you know what? When I do a regular plank now, I feel it in a different way. I know how to create proper form and I know what it should feel like when I hold it.

Most sessions she has me work on my push-ups. I can’t do a push-up to save my life. Really. I have the upper body strength of a toddler. Well, she’s started me out doing elevated push-ups so I’m doing them in proper form but I’m pushing up off a bar that’s probably just below waist height. Eventually she’ll have me doing push-ups straight leg flat on the floor but we’re working up to it. She doesn’t believe anyone needs to do push-ups on their knees. Her philosophy is do them straight leg and lower yourself (in correct form) one inch before you do push-ups on your knees. I like that philosophy. So I work on elevated push-ups and I practice them at home using my vanity as a surface. I’ve noticed a difference though in my strength. We do push-ups in Barre and I’m getting better. I can’t lower myself to the ground completely but I can lower myself closer to the ground than I did 4 weeks ago.

So I’m getting stronger, I’m getting more confident. Most importantly? I’m learning a lot about what my body can do and I’m loving myself more than ever.


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