Digging Deep

I had a physical yesterday. My first one in probably about 4 years. I knew going in I would be told I was overweight. What I wasn’t expecting? To be completely dismissed as lazy and unmotivated. It was a new doctor for me and I’m sure she hears lies about how much a person works out and eats well frequently. But I wasn’t lying. I was honest about how I ate and I how I struggle. I was also honest about my working out and dedication. I left the office feeling defeated by just 20 minutes with her. I won’t get into the details because they’re still painful but the important part is that instead of going home and continuing to feel defeated I dug deep and used that as motivation. I pulled it together and hightailed it to the gym. I made it there just in time for Kickboxing and proceeded to kick that doctor’s face for a hour. Then I stayed on for Barre Fusion. There was a sub and it felt less like Barre and more like yoga/pilates. I was frustrated by it because my wrists couldn’t handle all the down dog and planks we did for such long periods. But I took breaks when I needed to and then got right back to it.

Then this morning I was up early for personal training. I dug deep there, too. We focused on my lower body since I’m meeting with her tomorrow evening as well. We discovered my left leg is noticeably weaker than my right. I was actually surprised by this because I have issues with my right knee but my guess is I let my right leg lead to compensate for that and it’s made it stronger. I’m tired but I feel good that I’ve worked out already today. I’m hoping to not be so sore I can’t make it to Zumba toning tonight. But we’ll see!

Happy Wednesday!


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