Personal Training…here we go!

So last night I felt like a gym rat. I was at my gym for 3 hours! I started at 5pm with my first official meeting with my trainer. We talked about my current exercise and diet, what I’ve accomplished thus far, my fitness goals,and how to balance it all to reach my goals. Then she did a movement assessment on me to see how balanced my left and right sides are in terms of balance, coordination, flexibility, and rotation. She said I’m fairly equal with my right side only showing a slight dominance on some things. This is good because it means less work to adjust my body before really starting the training. I’ll be getting to the gym about 10-15 prior to my sessions to hop on the treadmill and get warmed up. I need to sit down and plan out my cardio days. I have my strength days covered and I have 2 of my cardio days covered but I need 2-3 more 45 minute cardio sessions. So I start my sessions officially this Thursday. When we sat down at the end and looked at calendars, we decided why not go ahead and get started? I didn’t want to wait the week and there’s no real reason for me to do so.

After meeting with my trainer, I took 2 of her classes. I took kickboxing, which I hadn’t done in about 2 weeks and it was tough. But it felt really good to sweat and feel the burn. Then I stayed for my favorite–Barre Fusion. It was tough because there were a lot of plies and we’d done a fair bit of squatting and lunging in kickboxing so my quads were really burning! This morning I wasn’t even out of bed and I felt my hammies screaming at me. Ah well, they’ll make it and so will I.


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