Happy Monday! If you’re like me, this is your first full week back to work since before Christmas. It’s gonna be a looooong week. So we need something cute and happy to look at, right?

There, there. It's just a Monday.

There, there. It’s just a Monday.

Ok, now that we’re all smiling how about an update on where my fitness goals are this year? I’m not one to set resolutions. I know myself and I know I don’t stick to them. So I set goals for myself. Don’t ask me to explain the difference…just humor me. I’ve decided 2013 is going to be the year I get fit and I get healthy. So I’m working on my eating in terms of cleaning it up and really watching what I eat and be mindful about how “clean” something is. I’m trying to stay away from processed foods. Not just because processed foods aren’t great for you for all the many reasons that are out there, but because I know so many processed foods are my trigger foods (think cheetos, chips and salsa, cookies). So if I just try to avoid them most days out of the week, I think I’ll be meeting my goal. I’ve also decided to make some pretty big fitness committments this year.

1. Recommitting to the plank-a-day. I normally do some sort of plank 3 days a week through classes and my own workouts. But I’ve set up a new app to ask me every day if I planked the previous day. I don’t like saying no and seeing my chain break. So I’ve planked every day in 2013 thus far. I’m not consistently improving yet as I took about 2 weeks off from any sort of exercise so I’m confident once I get my core strength back, it’ll come.

2. Building up to 100 squats in a day/60 seconds of squats every day. Ok, so here’s what happened. On December 31 I decided I wanted to do 60 seconds of squats every day in January. But then on January 1, a Facebook friend started a squat-a-thon where we do squats every day building up to 100 in one day. We started with 20 squats on January 1 and have increased by 5 each day so today is 50 squats. They don’t have to be all at once, just a total of 50 in a day. Well, at first, I was able to get my numbers in while I was doing a minute of squats but I could only manage 40 squats in one minute. So until I hit the 100 squats day, I’m focusing on the squat-a-thon. This is why if you look at my Workout Log, you see some inconsistency in how I’m logging my squats. Once I finish with January squats, I’m likely going to make February another exercise. I’m thinking push-ups but we’ll see… Ideas for me?

3. Personal training. I thought long and hard about this one. I love my Barre Fusion instructor and finally decided when I went to class last Thursday that I was going to ask her to do personal training with me. So I go for my consult tomorrow night and then next week I’ll start doing 2 30-minute sessions a week. I’m really excited about this endeavor. I think it’ll be great for me to have someone to push me now that I don’t have my Curves ladies pushing me. But I also think it’ll be great to have some personal attention in watching my form. I know it’ll be tough, but I can do it.

So…my fitness each week will look something like this:
Monday – personal training session, Zumba
Tuesday – kickboxing, Barre Fusion
Wednesday – Zumba toning
Thursday – personal training session, Barre Fusion
Saturday/Sunday – something active: light upper body work one day, walks (either short walk on the treadmill when it’s too cold or walk outside)

I know it looks ambitious but I’ve been relatively consistent with my working out for a while and I’ve been building up to this over the last few months. I need to commit in my head and my calendar. I’m allowing myself to rest on Fridays and be flexible on the weekends. I can be flexible during the week (with the exception of the training sessions unless I can’t avoid it), but I’d really like to stick with my plan for a while before I start deviating from it. Otherwise, I’ll never get in a good habit and honestly, right now, nothing is more important to me than my health and how I feel about myself.

What are your 2013 fitness goals? I think it’d be awesome if you wanted to join me in the plank-a-day and/or the squats. I’d love to hear how y’all are doing with them and/or with your own fitness goals.



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