Trigger Foods

I don’t know about y’all, but I have some major trigger foods. Foods I simply can’t keep in my house as much as I love them. Foods that once I open them, I can’t leave the box alone. The whole box will be gone in a matter of days…and I’m talking like 2, maybe 3 days. Hell, I’ll be honest, if I open some of these things early enough in the day, they won’t make it through the day!

What made me think of these foods is this article on BuzzFeed: 17 Foods You Can’t Freaking Stop Eating.

A major one for me is number 2 on the list: Triscuits. Man, do I love Triscuits. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t get enough. I don’t want flavored ones…just the plain ones. I can’t stop with them. Not far behind is number 7 (Cheez-Its) and number 13 (Wheat Thins). I love them all! They used to be staples in my house but I can’t control myself around them so I just keep them out most of the time. I’ll buy them on a rare occasion but typically I just avoid them. Another thing I love but that isn’t on the list?

Quaker’s Popped in Cheddar Cheese

Seriously, those guys above? Cannot have them…I will eat the entire bag in one sitting. Every. Single. Time. But I only like the cheddar cheese kind, I could do without any other kind of rice cake.

While I have a big sweet tooth and a big salty tooth, I don’t overeat on sweets typically. I’ll make myself uncomfortably full on salty food. So either I won’t keep them in the house or if I buy them, they go to work. I’m less likely to overeat at work. It’s harder to be productive and mindlessly eat.

What are some of your trigger foods? What do you do to overcome them?


3 responses

  1. Nutella. I can’t keep it in my apartment.

    Peanut butter is also a trigger food, but I’m getting better. Monday night I just really wanted a big ol’ scoop of it, but I was smart and measured it out in my 1 T measuring spoon, haha It got the job done, though!

    1. I have to keep peanut butter behind other things in the cabinet and on a top shelf so it’s more work to get to. 🙂

  2. Hah, I can totally relate to this! I basically can’t buy any “snacky” food for the house or I’ll eat it all in one or two sittings. It’s so sad 😦

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