Fitness Friday!

Happy Friday, y’all!! We made it through another week. If your week was like mine, it was loooooooooooong! But I have a fun weekend planned and assuming the fact that I’m losing my voice doesn’t ruin it….I’ll be a happy girl!

You may recall I lead Bootie/Boot Camps at Curves. Well, recently we’ve changed the name and it’s a little more accurate of what the workouts entail. We’re calling them, “Curves Circuit with Sherri” or CCS. The CCSI is the former Bootie Camp and CCSII is the former Boot Camp. Well, Wednesday night we had October’s CCSII so I’m sharing it with you! The ladies do the machines in between the cardio you see below. We start with a light warm up, do the circuit, and close with abs. The ab workout I’ve listed separately below since some of the moves at the beginning take a little more description.

Click for larger

For the ab work we did the following:

plank (60s)
90 degree butt shapers (16 reps) followed immediately by 12 pulses up and then straight leg raises (16 reps) – we did this for each leg
v-leg crunches (30s) followed immediately by 12 pulses up
reverse crunch (30s)
flutter kicks (30s)
scissor kicks (30s)
bicycle crunches (30s)
plank vacuums (5 reps)

It was a tough one but the ladies did great and it certainly works you out!


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