What I Love Wednesday: Seeing Progress!

So if you follow me on Twitter then you may have an inkling of an idea as to what the title of this post refers to. If you don’t follow me, here’s the tweet I posted Sunday:

Yes, this week I hit a 20 pound weight loss! My first goal is 30 pounds so I’m very close. The next goal will be a total of 50. A few weeks ago I was have a hard time staying focused on this weight loss progress because it seems so small in the face of how much there is to lose. So I took a Pinterest idea and made my own little visual reminder.

I have 50 stones in the pounds to lose and at the time 18 in the pounds lost

I see this every morning and evening. It’s a good reminder and I certainly don’t want to move the stones from “lost” to the “to lose” jar again!

The other thing I notice is that I’m seeing the small changes in my body. I can tell I’m losing weight in my face, my hands, and the front of my legs. I know it may sound a little strange to say the front of my legs but I’ve always had pretty defined legs (my inner thighs are the only place you can grab fat) so I’ve never noticed it honestly but the front part of my legs feel different. It’s hard to explain but I’m sure if you’ve ever lost a significant amount of weight you can relate to that feeling.

So my What I Love Wednesday is a toot my own horn topic but I’m proud of myself and getting this knowledge and news out there is one way to keep me on track.

What do you love this Wednesday?


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