Book Review: I’m With Fatty

No What I Love Wednesday today. Probably because I’ve been loving reading lately. So since it’s been a while since I’ve done a book review, I thought I’d start that up since I just finished a book. I’ve read others since I last reviewed a book but I think I got distracted. I thought this was an appropriate book to reinstate my reviews.

I’m With Fatty: Losing Fifty Pounds in Fifty Miserable Weeks


Ugel’s wife sends him to sleep lab to confirm that he has sleep apnea. After being fit with a CPAP device, he decides he needs to lose weight. This sets him on a mission to try to lose 50 pounds in 50 weeks. He’s very honest as he uncovers his binge eating habits and I think it tells a side of the story I don’t often hear: the male’s perspective. He shares his insecurities and his pain as he struggles to lose weight.

He shares success but also his failures. He seems to carry a lot of self destructive behavior but I think many people who are overweight do or have faced that many times. His story is told with humor but sometimes is slightly uncomfortable to read because as someone who struggles with weight, there are recognizable moments and it’s hard to hide from black and white text. I mean, if I’m honest with myself.
The only thing I would say negative about this book is sometimes Ugel seems to come off as the first person who has ever tried to lose weight so he seems very “woe is me” but I can understand that. Almost everyone around him can eat as they please, so if you’re the only one trying to lose a significant amount of weight, you do feel “woe is me.”
I’d recommend it for a read. It’s a quick read and can probably be read in a quiet weekend.

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