Fitness Friday: When You Can’t Work Out

I’ve been chugging along, trimming down, losing some weight (finally!), eating healthy, working out. Then all of a sudden my way of working out was put to a halt. I like circuit workouts and workouts that let me really feel my muscles work. Without getting in to details, I’ve had to to stop moving my right shoulder around too much. That means no upper body workouts…unless I want to be lopsided. I’ve just had to change my way of working out of the last month. I’ve really struggled with it because it feels like I’m taking steps back and I’m being lazy. Even though I’m not and even if I were lazy, I have a justified reason (sometimes). But when you’ve worked out a certain way for so long and you’ve made strides in your strength, ability, endurance, etc., it’s really hard to be forced to stop. It’s hard to change gears.

What this change has led to is a lot more walks in my neighborhood. This is good because walking is so good for you plus the walks really let me unwind my brain. Some of the walks are short and end after 2 miles, others are longer and end after 4 to 4.5 miles. But as nice as the walks are, I get kind of grumpy because I still want to feel my muscles work and unless I’m climbing a hill, I don’t often feel that.

You know what else is hard? Finding the motivation on a week night! I work out at Curves on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights. I go there straight from work. It’s become so routine that even when I don’t work, I go at 5:30 if I can. Now? I come home after work. I have to tell myself not to sit down, not to flip through the mail too long, or stare in the kitchen thinking about dinner for too long. Otherwise, it may not happen. I come home and immediately change in to workout clothes. That doesn’t solve it completely because well, I live in workout clothes when I’m not at work. (Bless my future husband for having to put up with that.) I have to immediately put tennis shoes on, too, or I may not make it out the door. I’ll feel really dumb if I put tennis shoes on and then don’t at least take a small walk before taking them off. That’s the trick for me. I have to tell myself all the way home through traffic and up my stairs that I’m changing and walking right back out the door.

But the motivation eating monster doesn’t stop once I’m out the door. If I’ve planned to take a longer walk, I can easily talk myself into a shorter one once I’m moving. The way our neighborhood trails are set up, I can take a lot of paths to get back to my house sooner than I may have planned. Sometimes, I give in and try again tomorrow. Other times I have to practically run away from the shortcut path.

With all of that said, I’m fortunate to live somewhere that my alternative is so easy. I’m also fortunate to have a roommate who will push me out the door on some of those days the motivation just isn’t sticking. But it does take some planning nonetheless. I think from here on out, I’ll have a plan for an alternative fitness routine, when my normal fitness routine is put on hold.

Because this blog is about balancing my love of baking with a healthy lifestyle, I leave you with this picture:


That is a Boston Creme Pie Cupcake. I’m sorry it’s so grainy but it was taken with my phone. I’ll be sharing the recipe (and better pictures) on Monday. And yes, that cupcake is on a pile of pillows because my couch is usually a pile of pillows.


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