Fitness Friday: April Boot Camp

Wednesday night I led Boot Camp and it was a tough one. There was a lot of squatting and jumping.

jog in place
double knee crunches
wide walk
wide knee lifts
hamstring curls

Cardio (30 seconds each between machines)
crisscross jumps
swing kicks
jump squats
bob and weave
lunge right
lunge left
calf raises (toes forward)
squat kicks
calf raises (toes out)
double knee crunch
calf raises (toes in)
jump rope
toe touches
plie squats
fast feet
front right kick/back left kick
front left kick/back right kick
squat hold
scissor squats
tricep pushbacks
speed bag
side steps
front kick
walk circuit

Ab/Thigh/Glute Work (30 seconds each)
leg lifts
butterfly kicks
scissor kicks
single leg bridges (each side)
frog crunches
side inner thigh leg lifts (each side)
butt kickers


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