Monday Meal: Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla

I thought I’d pull up an old (but quick) recipe for today. It’s easy and full of flavor. One of my favorite cookbooks is Katie Lee’s The Comfort Table: Recipes for Everyday Occasions. (I also have her original, The Comfort Table, and I like it a lot, too.)

One of the easier recipes is the Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas and it inspired me. I didn’t quite follow it to a T but I basically used it to come up with this:

 Inside deliciousness. Chicken, cheese, buffalo sauce, green onions. Mmmm.

For the chicken I use chicken breasts in the crock-pot with chicken broth and some House Seasoning. After about 3-4 hours I take it out and shred it.

Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla
~1/2 c shredded chicken (more or less to your desire)
1/4 c Buffalo wing sauce
1/4 c shredded Mexican blend cheese
3 green onions, chopped
2 soft tortillas (taco size)

Stir chicken and buffalo sauce together. Then stir in cheese and green onions. Spread mixture over one tortilla and top with the other tortilla. Place tortilla on hot pan or quesadilla maker (spray surface with non-stick spray for the browning process). Heat about 5 minutes in the quesadilla maker or 3 minutes each side for the pan.

Serve with ranch or blue cheese dressing and celery on the side.

Clearly this recipe makes one quesadilla but the great thing about it is that it’s total customizable and can easily be multiplied.


3 responses

  1. A simple but very tasty sounding meal. I love quesadillas.

  2. These sound great – I love Buffalo Chicken anything so I can’t wait to try this out!

  3. MMM, buffalo chicken anything is awesome in my book. These look amazing!

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