Fitness Friday: April Bootie Camp

Time for another Bootie Camp review! Monday night I led April’s Bootie Camp. While my legs didn’t feel the squats like with March’s Boot Camp, it was a high cardio workout and a lot of fun as always.

1 walk around the circuit
2 jogs around the circuit
1 high knees around the circuit
1 hamstring kickback around the circuit closing with about a minute of hamstring kickbacks before the warm-up stretches

Cardio (30 seconds each between machines)
wacky jacks
swing kicks
catch/shoot (30s each side)
squat kick
lunge (each side)
front/back kick (30s each side)
football runs
jump rope
single leg kick (each side)
bob an weave
double knees
1-2-3 squat hold
toe touches
tricep kickbacks
arabesque (each side)
chair pose
walk circuit

Ab/Thigh/Glute Work
20 crunches
15 toe touches
15 oblique crunches (each side)
30s scissor kick
20 frog crunches
2 30s bridge
30s superhumans (each side)
leg circles (8 in/8 out, each side)
30s plank

And that was that for April’s Bootie Camp! Boot Camp is in less than 2 weeks!


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